3 Basic Skills in Hiking

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There are three basic skills to know when hiking. These are Planning, Protective gear, and First aid knowledge. To make your hiking experience more enjoyable, you should also learn how to navigate by the stars and sun. If you don’t know these things, this article will help you learn. By the end of this article, you should be able to enjoy your hiking adventures safely. Just follow these three steps, and you’ll be all set!

Planning a hike

Before starting your hiking trip, you should consider your current physical abilities and decide on a suitable hike. Decide on the distance, total ascent, and how long the hike will last. Determine the weight of your hiking supplies. Look for guidebooks and maps to plan your hike in advance. You should also consider the weather and other factors that may influence the duration and safety of your hike. Here are some tips for planning your next hike:

Identify possible dangers. Before starting your hike, identify your physical limits and identify any areas you should avoid. Also, consider your transport needs. If you plan to hike for long periods, ensure that you have all the equipment needed for the hike. Make sure to leave a copy of your hike plan with a friend or family member so they can monitor your safety. In case of an emergency, always be prepared. In any case, always carry enough water and food for the hike.

Protective gear

One of the most important aspects of hiking is protecting yourself. There is a vast array of gear that you can use, but the most basic of these is the protective gear. Aside from hiking pants, you should also pack rain gear, a headlamp, and a waterproof jacket. Even if you are not a nature lover, you should make sure to plan your hiking trip properly. This is essential for your health and safety.

First aid knowledge

Having first aid knowledge can save your life. You never know when an emergency might arise, and being prepared with basic first aid skills is essential for safety. From treating a choking person to providing emergency oxygen, first aid knowledge is an important skill for hiking. By incorporating it into your outdoor activity, you can ensure your safety and that of other hikers. Using basic first aid knowledge can make the difference between a fun and safe experience.

The basics of first aid knowledge are essential for everyone. Whether hiking for fun or survival, knowing how to treat minor injuries will save your life. Learning wilderness medicine is important because you may end up in an isolated location, incapacitated, or suffering from a severe illness. The use of a tourniquet is often misunderstood in survival literature. Fortunately, there are many useful first aid tools that you can carry on your hiking trip.

Navigation by the sun and stars

Many hikers learn to navigate by the stars and sun when hiking. The sun follows a consistent path, rising and setting in the east and west. The sun drifts to the northeast during the summer, while in winter, the sun is further south. Using the shadows and the sun’s light, celestial navigators use stars and shadows to determine direction. To find your direction, locate the constellations and then follow their path.

The sun is always in the south at noon in the Northern Hemisphere and has moved enough distance to provide a general direction. You can also use landmarks to mark your location. Then, note the time on your watch and the attitude of the sun in half-hour intervals. Eventually, you can draw a mental diagram of the sun’s movement to determine your location. This way, you’ll have a natural East-West line to follow.n