3 Corporate Wellness Trends to Keep an Eye On, According to Dipanshu Sharma

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Dipanshu Sharma Corporate Wellness Trends Dipanshu Sharma Corporate Wellness Trends

Corporate Wellness Expert Dipanshu Sharma Shares Corporate Wellness Trends Popping Up Now


Corporate wellness is an increasingly popular concept, as companies seek to find benefits and perks to make their employees happier, less stressed and more productive. The key, many believe, is through wellness initiatives that help employees holistically and address mental health and physical health, said Dipanshu Sharma. 


Dipanshu Sharma is the founder of Meditation.Live, a company that offers live, interactive meditation and movement classes for the workplace. He shared some of the trends in corporate wellness he believes will only continue to grow in popularity and will be watching. 


  1. Meditation and Yoga

Dipanshu Sharma said the practice of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness in the workplace will only continue to grow. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that 1 in 7 workers report engaging in a mindfulness-based activity. 


As studies on the benefits of meditation and yoga continue, there will continue to be an increase in practicing it in the workplace, Dipanshu Sharma predicts. The practice can increase productivity, help manage relationships, stress, and anxiety. Technology makes it possible for employers to offer remote meditation and yoga classes, so it is accessible for all employees. 


  1. Flexibility for remote employees

As technology makes it easier to work from home or work remotely, more workplaces will allow that, Dipanshu Sharma predicts. Skype, internet chat and the speed of communication mean that there is virtually no lag in productivity when an employee is working remotely. Some studies even find that employees are more productive when working from home than in the office. Currently, more than 5% of workers in the United States work from home. 


Mental Health America reported that working from home can reduce work-related stress, create more job opportunities in economically disadvantaged areas and make health and wellness a bigger focus. Wellness programs that are incorporate in-office are likely to extend to those who work remotely as well, so all employees can take advantage of wellness perks. 


  1. Taking care of  the flu 

A corporate wellness focus has been the flu in past winter seasons, Dipanshu Sharma said, and he expects that to continue. Many workplaces offer free flu shots or vouchers to help employees avoid the flu season. Taking sick days or worse, coming to the office and spreading sickness, is counterproductive and can seriously set a company back. 


Education on preventing the spread of flu and offering measures to reduce the likelihood of contracting it is essential for companies focusing on wellness, Dipanshu Sharma said