3 Home Structural Problems to Prevent and Take Seriously, According to General Contractor Pavel Rombakh

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Pavel Rombakh Home Structural Problems Pavel Rombakh Home Structural Problems
Pavel Rombakh

Pavel Rombakh Shares Tips on Staying on Top of Structural Issues in Your Home for Safety’s Sake

Structural issues in the home can cause serious damage that can be costly and even hazardous to the safety of residents. Therefore, it is crucial to stay on top of your house’s structural needs to prevent damage from occurring or take care of it when it does happen, according to Pavel Rombakh, a general contractor.

Here are three structural issues that should be taken seriously in your home.

1. Foundation issues

Issues with a house’s foundation are usually quite serious, said Pavel Rombakh. The foundation includes the basement walls of a house. Of course, the foundation of a home is one of the most important aspects of it, as the rest of the house rests on it and relies on the foundation for stability and security.

“Typically, foundations are made of concrete and steel,” Pavel Rombakh said. “But some homes, especially the older ones, have wood in the foundation too. Find out what your home’s foundation is made of so you can keep an eye out for potential problems in the foundation.”

While foundation problems can be enormous, they can also be relatively minor and won’t take much work to address. If the floor of your house is not level, there is a sinkhole beneath it or the slab is cracked, have it looked at and addressed so the problem doesn’t grow, Pavel Rombakh advised.

2. Bearing wall problems

Another key component of keeping a house standing up is its bearing walls, Pavel Rombakh said. Bearing walls are an integral part of the house and keep it standing, bearing the weight of the house. Not all walls in your home are bearing walls: many are not structural and can be removed and moved as needed, but it’s important to make sure you don’t compromise a load bearing wall when remodeling your house.

In bearing walls, trouble can creep in from termites, dry rot or construction that is done incorrectly. “Just like with the foundation, structural issues with bearing walls can range from minor to very serious,” said Pavel Rombakh. “It’s essential to have them looked at so you know how critical the situation may be.”

3. Issues with beams

If the beams of a house are not able to support the house, problems can certainly creep in. If you are doing home construction, it’s vital to make sure that when you replace walls, the beams used are strong enough to support the posts.

The good news, according to Pavel Rombakh, is that it’s usually easy to notice beam problems, as trouble beams typically sag, are cracked or vibrate. Beam problems are also easier to fix than other structural problems.