3 Things to Know Before Starting A Blog with Dr. Scott Zack

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Scott P Zack Things to Know Before Starting A Blog Scott P Zack Things to Know Before Starting A Blog

3 Things to Know Before Starting A Blog with Dr. Scott Zack

Blogging is a great and lucrative skill, but according to Dr. Scott  Zack, a blogging expert, there are a number of common mistakes people often make.


Scott P. Zack

Blogging has changed a lot in recent years. In the beginning, it was mostly used as a form of online journaling, or to document travels or promote certain art forms.


Today – everyone has a blog. It’s no longer a niche format, but rather one used by everyone to stand out on the internet.


It’s one of the easiest ways of disseminating information and building up a strong following of readers and clients. But starting a blog isn’t as easy it sounds. According to Dr. Scott Zack, there are a number of mistakes which people commonly make during the beginning phases of their blogging journey, and with his help, we’re going to address them below.


Always Find a Niche

According to Dr. Scott Zack, the internet is saturated with general and non-specific blogs that tend to post poor-quality work. If you’re going to start a blog that resonates with an audience, you’re going to have to write according to a specific niche.


This will establish you as an expert and voice of authority in that field, and makes people who are looking for more specific information more likely to find you. As a point of departure, take a look at the things you like and are interested in, and see if any of those interests can be transformed into blog content.


A Blog is a Full-Time Affair

“Too many people treat blogging like a hobby you can simply do a couple of times a week.” Dr. Scott  Zack says. “However it’s a very time-intensive discipline.”


If you’re going to rank on Google’s algorithm and keep readers satisfied and entertained, then you’re going to need to invest a lot of time to create worthwhile content, as well as create enough of it to post consistently.


Understand SEO with Scott Zack

Good SEO will put you on the map of discovery, and according to Dr. Scott Zack, too many blogs ignore it when they set out to create killer content.


Understanding how to optimize your work for Google’s algorithm to find it will be the difference between your blog exploding or sinking slowly down the rankings to join other websites in Google’s murky bottom.


Research keywords, understand what a content strategy is, and know how to implement it to ensure that your blog remains discoverable.