3 Ways to Add Value and Appeal to Your Home with Landscaping, with Tips from Bryan Nazor

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Bryan Nazor Appeal to Your Home with Landscaping Bryan Nazor Appeal to Your Home with Landscaping

Bryan Nazor“Landscaping is a key to your home’s “curb appeal” and summer landscaping changes can be an excellent tool to add value to your home,” said Bryan Nazor, a title, and real estate closing expert and president of Main Street Title & Settlement Services.

“Especially in the summer season, it is natural for homeowners to use landscaping as a way to add value and aesthetic appeal to the home, but it is important to use your time, energy and money in ways that truly maximize value for the home,” Bryan Nazor said.

“Too much landscaping can actually be seen as a problem for prospective homebuyers who may not want to spend the majority of their summer on upkeep. An elaborate garden will catch the eye of particular home buyers, but not everyone will be enthused about the maintenance and man-hours it requires,” Bryan Nazor said. If you want to add value to your home, try these simple, relatively inexpensive ways to do so through landscaping.


1. Flowers and Trees

This one may seem obvious, but of course, the fauna of your front yard will be an eye-catching landscaping device. They are affordable and make a dramatic change. Try to time flowering plants around when you stage your home for sale, so everything is looking its best and in full bloom. “Trees have excellent aesthetic value,” Bryan Nazor said, “and also help keep home energy costs down in the winter and summer with their shade and wind-breaking.”


2. Edging and Mulch

“Sometimes it pays off to keep it simple and focus on lawn care and upkeep. It really makes all the difference in the yard’s appearance,” Bryan Nazor said, “and it’s quick and inexpensive to do.” A lush, well-groomed lawn with no weeds and a neatly trimmed edge can give the whole yard a quick facelift. In the same vein, mulch in the yard to highlight the flower beds and well-trimmed and edged lawn looks great, is budget-friendly and even helps keep weeds out of the flower beds.


3. Building Features in the Yard

“Perhaps a little less inexpensive than the previous options, adding features to the yard can have a big payoff for the value of your home and its overall appearance,” Bryan Nazor pointed out. Whether you go for a frugal retaining wall or go crazy with sculptural focal points, a patio, deck or terrace. A re-done driveway can also make a big difference if it is necessary.