3 Ways to Stay Focused on Your Business Goals, With Advice from Executive Andrew Malek

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3 Ways to Stay Focused on Business Goals Andrew Malek 3 Ways to Stay Focused on Business Goals Andrew Malek

The virtue of setting goals is often emphasized in the business culture, from making New Year’s resolutions (which only 8% of resolution-setters actually accomplish) to long-term goals for a business or company.


Andrew Malek, a dynamic senior executive, maintains that there is certainly value in creating business goals. Of course, as Antoine de Saint-Exupery put it, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” It is vitally important to create a plan to stay focused on business goals to keep distractions at bay, advised Andrew Malek.

In his own work, Andrew Malek has been an inspirational leader who recognizes and attracts talent, builds trust, develops people and creates stability and longevity. He said one of the keys to success in the workplace is maintaining focus on goals. Here are three ways he recommends to make this a habit.

1. Set Realistic Expectations

As most people know from experience, setting unattainable goals sets a business up for discouragement and disappointment. Create realistic business goals that can be met in a set period of time, Andrew Malek said. This does not mean goals should not be challenging making everyone work a bit harder: they certainly should, Andrew Malek explained. Just be realistic when setting the plan. This makes it easier to stay focused and motivated, Andrew Malek added.

It is also helpful to set smaller goals to focus on instead of one large business goal. Have targets to hit each month and bite-sized goals to work toward. This strategy will help you stay motivated as you see yourself reaching those goals and advancing toward your ultimate goal. However, it’s also very beneficial for everyone’s moral to celebrate those small victories along the way.

2. Have a Visual Reminder

A visual reminder is simply an assurance that your goal is always on your mind, Andrew Malek said. Then there is no excuse for veering off course or forgetting what you want to focus on. Some people choose a simple Post-it note, some put a chart or poster on the wall of their business or create a vision board. Whatever serves as a visual reminder for your company is a highly effective tool, Andrew Malek added.

Kasey Luck of Bold and Zesty said she writes her goal in several places around her workplace. “I word it in a way as if it already happened,” she said. “It becomes a sort of ‘incantation’ or a visual exercise, and I repeat it every morning.’”

3. Manage Your Time Wisely

Your time is the most valuable resource you have, Andrew Malek said, and too often people waste it on tasks that do not bring them closer to accomplishing their biggest business goals. Budget your time each day and week, keeping in mind the biggest things you need to accomplish. If you are not making progress toward your goals, look carefully at how you are spending your time. What could you stop doing or delegate, or what adjustments you need to make to your schedule so you have time to focus on your business goals?

These three techniques are just the tip of the iceberg, Andrew Malek explains. There are many tools to help stay focused on goals and accomplish big things in a business. However, these tips are a good starting point and are helpful tools Andrew Malek has benefited from in his own years of business.