4 Proven Secrets to Earning a Six-Figure Income as a Life Insurance Agent

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Edward Karram Proven Secrets to Earning a Six Figure Income as a Life Insurance Agent Edward Karram Proven Secrets to Earning a Six Figure Income as a Life Insurance Agent

Life insurance is a cut-throat business. This begs the question; Why is it that some people are able to make a six-figure income while others are, well, hanging on for dear life? Edward Karram has the answer. According to the business coach and Founder of SELL-U, “It has very little to do with the leads, IMOs or connections, and everything to do with…You.”

Even Life Insurance Agents Need a Lifeline

When Edward Karram joined his first Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO), he had no mentorship to look to. He went through 3 different IMOs in the first 12 months and realized that agencies are hyper-focused on recruitment and not on empowerment.

Having had enough, Karram decided to take matters into his own hands. The entrepreneur founded SELL-U; a one-of-a-kind training, marketing, coaching, branding and lead generation platform in the U.S. Here are his 4 tips for a successful online career in life insurance.

1. Say Your Piece on Social Media

We live in a world that takes its cues from the internet. Savvy insurance agents tap into the power of social media marketing to boost their referrals.

Karram encourages that it’s important to be strategic and thoughtful with every post. For example, agents can post about industry-adjacent topics like car safety tips or home maintenance; things that their demographic would be interested in, namely, solution-based content.

Rubbing shoulders with industry-experts and like-minded agents online can help build a funnel to generate clients on-demand 24/7.

2. Access Quality Lead Generation Systems

“Milking the same tired leads within an inch of their life is pointless and a waste of time,” says Edward Karram.

To be a lucrative life insurance agent, you have to bank on proven lead generation systems. Start by focusing on specific niches to get leads quicker. In the realm of life insurance, for example, one niche could be aimed at getting cannabis users to invest in coverage.

When agents augment this with PPC or Facebook ads, they are able to get their website to rank much higher on Google.

3. Polish Your Phone Script

Have you made dozens of cold calls only to be hung up on…over and over again?

“It’s not what you say, but how you say it.” Edward Karram strongly endorses the power of making a convincing pitch and also knowing how to squash any objection that gets thrown at you. Perhaps, one glaring mistake that agents make is adopting a bland tone, eager to sound off from the script they’ve painstakingly rehearsed.

The best practices for cold calling? Maintain an upbeat tone, don’t be afraid to ask probing questions when the opportunity arises, stay focused and get people to talk about themselves.

4. Undergo Meaningful Sales and Marketing Training

There is a dearth of quality training in the life insurance business. Hopefuls are given scattershot materials and are expected to fend for themselves. Per Edward Karram, “Agents need a systematic process that enables them to become prepared for success.”

Apart from exposing agents to high-quality lead generation systems, Karram also says that they need effective telemarketing training on how to close a sale.

SELL-U: An Agent’s Path to Success

And that’s where SELL-U comes into the equation. When registered agents join the program, they receive a white-label website, and a fully optimized Linked-In and Facebook page, so that when people look them up online, they’re impressed.

The program imparts business fundamentals, sales training, and marketing and branding techniques. SELL-U connects agents with affiliate IMOs that have top-level carrier contracts, where they get to own their book of business.

And the best part? Candidates receive one-on-one strategic training from Edward Karram who is himself a 7 figure earner and has trained over 1000 agents to become masters in their field.