4 Radiology Trends of 2019 According to David Joslin

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Radiology Trends of According to David Joslin Radiology Trends of According to David Joslin

As a board member of InSight Radiology Puerto Rico, a multi-site operator of free-standing radiology facilities, David Joslin has first-hand experience in the field of radiology. David Joslin has also built a successful career as a senior advisor and radiology consultant. Throughout his career, David Joslin helped healthcare companies develop a competitive strategy and reach success. Because of his involvement in the industry, David Joslin has identified four key trends in radiology.

Artificial Intelligence
According to David Joslin, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the radiology trend that will break through in 2019. He believes AI will improve MRI, CT, PET/CT by enhancing the resolution of smaller amounts of data. For example, with the help of AI, the MRI imaging time could be cut nearly in half. Also, David Joslin points out, AI will improve the CT resolution and achieve dose reduction for PET/CT. AI is such an important trend in Radiology since this technology can help recognize conditions early and improve the outcome of the treatment.

Patient Empowerment
Although radiology has always been a patient-centered area of healthcare, in 2019 patients are taking more control of their testing. David Joslin acknowledges deductibles have been on the rise for quite some time, which means patients have to pay more out of pocket. As patients have more financial responsibility for the cost of their testing, it makes them more conscious and active in the selection of the provider in terms of where they want to have their tests done and by whom.

Radiologists and Artificial Intelligence Work Together
According to David Joslin, many radiologists felt threatened when AI made an appearance in the radiology sector. However, in order for AI and radiology to make a difference in the field, radiologists are essential, more than ever. Although AI can contribute to new findings in ways that weren’t possible before, radiologists provide the interpretation for the findings. It also means there will be a significant demand for radiologists in the future who cannot be replaced.

Radiologists Take on a New Role
Aside from remaining a key element in radiology, according to David Joslin, radiologists will take on a new role. Because AI and automation will take care of all of the rudimentary tasks radiologists have to deal with, this will give them the opportunity to learn new skills and operated at the high end of their skill set. They will learn to interpret data in real-time, cloud computing, and provide instant recommendations.

About David Joslin
David Joslin graduated from Duke University with a B.A. in history and political science before obtaining his MBA in finance and accounting from Columbia Business School. Before he got involved with InSight Radiology, he served as the VP of Operations and Development for RadNet