4 Reasons to Coach Youth Soccer, With Tips From Volunteer Coach Bryan Nazor

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Bryan Nazor Reasons to Coach Youth Soccer Bryan Nazor Reasons to Coach Youth Soccer

Bryan Nazor Shares Rewarding Experience Coaching U.S. Club Soccer


Coaching youth soccer can be a rewarding experience, and you don’t have to be a soccer pro to do it, said Bryan Nazor, who has coached young people for years. He has coached the National Youth Soccer Program, U.S. Club Soccer and U.S. Soccer Development Academy. Here are four reasons Bryan Nazor encourages people to consider coaching youth soccer. 


  1. You don’t have to be an expert to coach youth soccer


If your cleats are a little dusty or it takes you longer to warm up than it used to, never fear. Bryan Nazor said adults of all abilities can coach soccer. In fact, the organizations he works with provide resources that teach coaches how to work well with young people, drills, warmups and more. 


Bryan Nazor has played professional soccer in three different countries (Honduras, Croatia and Argentina), but he said many coaches in the leagues do not have as much experience. The important thing is a willingness to learn and have fun with the players, Bryan Nazor said. 


  1. Coaching youth soccer is a good exercise


For those who have trouble dragging themselves to the gym, coaching youth soccer is an excellent way to get outside and get some exercise, Bryan Nazor said. You can work up a sweat, get some vitamin D and brush up on your soccer skills along with the players, Bryan Nazor said. 

Studies even show that volunteering combats depression increases self-confidence and provides a sense of purpose, so it’s good for your mind as well as your body. 


  1. Coaching youth soccer benefits the community 


Volunteering your time in the community is a rewarding, gratifying experience, Bryan Nazor said. It makes it possible for young people in your area to have the opportunity to play soccer and enjoy learning valuable life skills, which feels good. 


  1. Coaching youth soccer is fun!


All the other benefits are important, but Bryan Nazor said one of the best reasons to coach youth soccer is that it is fun. He loves seeing the players have a good time and get the hang of skills after working hard on them. He has connected with people in the community and gotten to know them better. 


And at the end of the day, nothing beats being able to run around a field or teach a skill to a young person, Bryan Nazor has found. It is an enjoyable way to give back to the community and impart his passion for soccer to the next generation.