4 Ways Gabriel Btesh has Improved the Country of Panama through Superior Construction

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Gabriel Btesh Gabriel Btesh

Discover how Gabriel Btesh has dedicated the last 30+ years to superior construction to contribute to the betterment of Panama.

After over 30 years in the construction industry, Gabriel Btesh’s list of achievements is an impressive one! Gabriel Btesh has always placed his focus on the wellbeing of others and used his knowledge and superior skillset to give back in ways you can only dream of.

#1 Creating Architectural Marvels

Several of the tallest buildings in not just Panama, but all Latin America, can be attributed to Gabriel Btesh. Some of these buildings include:

  • White Tower: 62 floors                                              
  • Aqualina: 67 floors
  • Waters on the Bay: 69 floors                
  • Aquamare: 54 floors 

The views from any of these buildings are marvelous, as well as the luxurious interiors! The high-quality materials and the beauty of the interiors and exteriors are just the beginning of Gabriel Btesh’s contribution to Panama and other Latin American countries.

#2 Building a Better Way of Life

The buildings that Gabriel Btesh helps build are specifically designed to improve the quality of life of Panamanian citizens. Gabriel Btesh utilizes exclusively high-quality materials in the building of his properties. This ensures the safety and longevity of the structures and provides a sense of luxury for those who inhabit them. 

The best part is that you don’t have to break the bank for access to these magnificent buildings. Gabriel Btesh has ensured that housing would be affordable for those who wish to live in Panama. Gabriel Btesh’s apartment buildings—which he has built over 24 apartment buildings in just 20 years—also include amenities that directly contribute to the residents’ physical and mental health. Gymnasiums, social centers, and more can be found free of charge to anyone living in one of these facilities. All Gabriel Btesh’s apartment buildings are created with families of all shapes and sizes in mind.

#3 Creating More Jobs

Another great impact of this architectural boom is job creation. In just a 10-year span, the building of these facilities required the creation of over 10,000 new jobs. Gabriel Btesh has said that with every construction job he is responsible for, thousands of local jobs are created. This speaks to Gabriel Btesh’s core goal of adding direct benefits to the residents that live in the beautiful cities he builds in.  

#4 Boosting the Economy

The money earned from these jobs is spent in Panama, directly feeding the local economy and providing an even better quality of life for all involved.  Additionally, the money residents save on not needing to pay for gym memberships and social centers allows people to save more money to spend elsewhere. The added income from these new jobs and increased savings results in more spending and a boost in the economy of Panama. 

Gabriel Btesh believes that anyone who decides to live in one of his buildings will not only enjoy the comfort and amenities provided but will also begin to feel and see a higher state of contentment in their everyday lives. This is his goal for the great residents of Panama and it’s the hope that more will follow his example all over the world in the future. Construction is more than buildings and architecture. Construction is about growing a community and improving the standard of living for all.