5 Fishing Tips for Lewiston, Idaho from Stephanie Morgan

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Fishing is one of the oldest activities. There are some people who still use a form of fishing to make a living. Although, most people in the modern world consider it a hobby. Regardless of what it is considered though, the fish tales, superstitions, and favorite spots are still a fishing staple.

Stephanie Morgan is a fishing hobbyist who fishes the bodies of water in and around Lewiston, Idaho.

Throughout her years of fishing, Morgan has come across different tips.

Today, Stephanie Morgan is sharing those tips to help people who are starting to fish in the waters Morgan frequents.


Know Your  Prey

Stephanie Morgan
Stephanie Morgan

Fish are not difficult creatures. They can be beautiful, blend in or stick out, and they can be the source of relaxation or frustration.

Yet, fish are not all that intelligent, and their actions are predictable.

Therefore, the main challenge for the person fishing is knowing their prey. It is up to the person to know the fish’s habits.

This includes what they eat, where they live, and what time of the year they are most prevalent.

The fishing season in Lewiston, Idaho takes place from March through November. Yet, in that time period, there are different fish that inhabit the same bodies of water.


Know Your Hunting Ground

Even bodies of water that are close together have different rules, sizes, and types of fish. Therefore, it is good for fishing enthusiasts to know their hunting grounds, like the fish they are after.

Plus, you want to ensure that you abide by all the rules in terms of fishing and keeping your catches. Getting caught up in a rule that is only applicable to one body of water will kill the relaxation of fishing quick. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to find this information out before visiting your desired fishing spot.


Keep It Simple

Fishing is a simple, relaxing endeavor. There is no reason anyone should not go fishing because they cannot afford to buy the supplies. People can spend as little or as much as they want on their fishing gear. There is no real difference in functionality. Thus, if you want to go fishing, keep it simple and go.


Focus on Relaxation

Fishing is always an experience. It is becoming one with nature and it is helping people move away from their hectic lives. Sometimes fish are caught. Sometimes, no fish are caught, but if you focus on relaxing and enjoying, you will have a successful day regardless.

Temperature Affects Air Before Water

Remember, it takes longer for the temperature of water to rise and drop than it does for the air temperature. This helps people know when it is still a good time of the year to fish. In November, for example, the air might be cold, but the water is still fine for fish. Alternatively, though, in March the weather might be warming up, but the water is still cold. There is a chance for safety hazards with misinterpreting the water temperature. That is why this tip is the most important. Always take the proper precautions.

In summation, fishing can always be a relaxing, positive experience. People who enjoy fishing can do so with any budget. The most important part of fishing in Lewiston, Idaho, Stephanie Morgan says, is having fun.