5 Types of Yoga That May Be Right For You, According to Meditation App CEO Dipanshu Sharma

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Dipanshu Sharma - 5 Types of Yoga Dipanshu Sharma - 5 Types of Yoga

Meditation.Live Founder Dipanshu Sharma Shares Differences Between Popular Types of Yoga

When starting out with yoga classes, it can be overwhelming seeing the many varieties of yoga offered— what do they all mean?

Which one is right for you? Dipanshu Sharma, founder of the meditation app Mediation.Live, demystifies five popular types of yoga and what they mean. 


  1. Hatha Yoga

If you are a yoga beginner, Dipanshu Sharma recommends starting with Hatha Yoga as a great place to start. When you see a Hatha class advertised at your gym or yoga studio, you can expect something slow-paced and introductory. If you do not have much experience with yoga poses, Hatha Yoga is an excellent place to begin, Dipanshu Sharma said. There will typically be stretches and breathing exercises and a chance to learn poses and work on holding them. 


  1. Hot Yoga 

Hot yoga has grown increasingly in popularity in recent years. Does stretching and holding poses in a 100 degrees Fahrenheit room sound appealing to you? Hot yoga might be the way to go. The heat can promote fat burning and flexibility as it loosens the joints and muscles, Dipanshu Sharma said. If you see Bikram Yoga advertised, know that this is a type of hot yoga with specific poses. 


  1. Ashtanga Yoga

When you are ready for more of a challenge, Ashtanga Yoga is the way to go, Dipanshu Sharma said. It is more difficult than the beginner’s Hatha Yoga and typically geared toward more athletic people. Ashtanga Yoga is typically a longer session than Hatha Yoga, too. 


  1. Iyengar Yoga 

Iyengar Yoga is another good choice for beginners, Dipanshu Sharma said. It is another style of yoga that is slow-paced and takes the time to make sure you are doing the poses correctly and breathing well. 


  1. Kundalini Yoga 

Kundalini Yoga focuses on the wellness of the mental, physical and nervous energies of the body. In some ways, it is similar to Hatha Yoga, though the core beliefs differ. According to Yoga Journal, Kundalini quiets the mind, gives confidence, and connects with the divine. 


No matter what form of yoga you choose, the benefits of regularly practicing yoga and meditation are far-reaching, Dipanshu Sharma said. You can reap mental and physical benefits when you find the type of yoga that is best for you. If you are unable to find a class in your area that offers what you are looking for, check out Meditation.Live, an app that offers hundreds of yoga and meditation classes that you can take in your home or workplace.