A Life Dedicated to Helping Others Communicate: Richard Gurewitsch

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Richard Gurewitsch Richard Gurewitsch

As a Miami-based businessman and entrepreneur, Richard Gurewitsch has spent his entire career dedicated to helping underserved customers in developing nations communicate with their family members and loved ones in different parts of the world. This has required a lot of sacrifice in order to grow his services, but Richard Gurewitsch is not one to shy away from a challenge of any kind. 

Starting from a humble engineering background, Richard Gurewitsch began LlamaCuba a decade ago with the express intent of allowing Cuban nationals the ability to communicate with their loved ones in North America. Noting his background, it is no surprise that Richard Gurewitsch felt a personal calling towards this endeavor. As a result, he teamed up with a group of Cisco engineers to found one of the most well-known telecommunications services in Cuba today. Thanks to their early partnership with FCC Licenses that would be able to comply with US standards and regulations, LlamaCuba would be able to be a resource that an underserved community could use to contact and communicate with family members from other parts of the globe including the United States. 

Thanks to their success in Cuba, Richard Gurewitsch and the company decided to expand the service to other parts of the world including Latin America and Europe where an entirely new group of individuals could now connect with their family members from across the world. As smartphone technology and social media began to gain steam during the second decade of the millennium, Richard Gurewitsch found himself in the prime position to take advantage of these new developments in order to continue his original mission of connecting as many people as possible to their loved ones in other parts of the world.  To reach that next level, he began to provide mobile reload or “Phone Top-Up” services (sending credits to others pre-paid mobile phones) and eventually became the biggest provider for this service in the United States with an outstanding social media presence. This new service would seem to be the final frontier in the Richard Gurewitsch plan for connecting everyone on the planet, however, the businessman had even greater ambitions in places like Haiti where he used the LlamaCuba strategy to connect people in these communities with their family members abroad. 

As a result of his willingness to connect underserved communities with their counterparts in other parts of the world, Richard Gurewitsch has been seen as a maverick businessman who has dedicated his life to helping families connect with their loved ones. It will be interesting to see what the next chapter holds in the Richard Gurewitsch book of business and community service.