A Look at Modern Culture in Greece According to Andrew Urbaniak

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Experienced world traveler, Andrew Urbaniak of Massachusetts, shares his overview of modern-day culture in the beautiful country of Greece.

In 2018 alone, more than 33 million tourists traveled to take in the rich culture and vibrant landscapes of Greece. That number is only expected to rise as the tourism industry grows. As globalization and social media make significant changes to modern-day cultures, many things in Greece remain consistent. Andrew Urbaniak of Massachusetts shares his view on the people of Greek and their unique cultural identity in the modern age.

As with many cultures, traditional cuisine remains a focal point for Greek people. Groups gather for meals that often last for hours, as they socialize with family and friends. Tourists looking to understand Greek culture should first immerse themselves in experiencing the cuisine.

Andrew Urbaniak of Massachusetts notes that most meals consist of fresh, local ingredients. Recipes have been handed down for generations and often pair well with local wines. Dishes known worldwide include moussaka and baklava.

A typical household still consists of many generations living together in small quarters. Most children live with their parents until they marry and sometimes remain at the residence with their new spouse. The first child is given plenty of attention and food, staying close to all relatives.

Celebrations are primarily centered on Greek Orthodox faith, with 98% of Greek’s identifying as Orthodox Christians. Holidays such as Pascha are both religious and social events. After church, families get together with food, music, and dancing. Andrew Urbaniak suggests visiting some of the churches and monasteries throughout Greece, many of which are inside caves and gorges.

Greece is built upon an ancient culture dating as far back as 1000 B.C. Andrew Urbaniak of Massachusetts believes those ancient ties can still be felt and seen in modern-day. The unique and robust culture draws visitors from around the world.

People of Greek heritage remain passionate about traditions and their faith. The country is considered to be one of the most homogeneous nations in the world, as 98 percent of the population shares an ethnic identity and religious belief. They enjoy the small business model and feel that working for themselves is the ultimate goal.

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