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Aaron Smith Top US Mega Projects Aaron Smith Top US Mega Projects

High-profile clients turn to Aaron Smith, interior finish expert for complex design-build jobs.

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The construction industry is comprised of many various components that must come together in order to produce a beautiful and on the budget interior in high rise projects today. One of the most important components (doors, frames, hardware, millwork, finish carpentry, low voltage), yet often the least thought about, is the interior finish solution via design-build.  One company’s President, Aaron Smith of Retrolock of Orange, CA., is “changing the standard”. Traditionally these projects wait until there is just a short amount of time to price. Usually, this creates cost over-runs and to hit the budget in most cases value engineering is required. This comes with a cost to the developer and potentially lost potential property revenues to the developer when finishes are cut.   

Aaron Smith has been working as an executive for the past 25 years, with the main focus on high-rise, Casinos, and Entertainment venue buildings. His projects can be found in major cities around the United States including, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, and many others. If you have recently traveled to these cities for entertainment or business, there’s a good chance you’ve seen his craftsmanship in the form of a casino, skyscraper, or large venue. Although people around the country continue to request his services, Aaron Smith has focused his multi-housing high rise operations in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Retrolock is a company out of Orange, California.  Retrolock is trying to change the standard by working with the developer, and general contractor and architect very early in the project. The traditional method is bringing in your MEP contractors for design-assist. Retrolock is pushing to add interiors to that design-assist 4th group.  While interiors are a smaller % of the total project value it gets less attention early on than Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP).  However, the interior is the last thing you see. Tenants of the building have a choice and want elegant interiors and common areas. Retrolock works within the design intent and builds the project within budgets.  The building owner, General Contractor and Architect all win. 

Like most things these days, construction costs are on the rise meaning general contractors and developers are expecting more than ever before. After recognizing this new demand, Aaron Smith of Retrolock stepped outside of the box to bring the highest level of value possible to his clients. His unique approach in the construction industry has begun changing the standard, as Aaron Smith exceeds expectations through one mega-project at a time. 

Clients appreciate his fresh approach to each new project, and desire to perform at the top of the industry.