Aggie Lal Creates Chic Swimwear Line Made with Fabric from Recycled Fishing Nets

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Aggie Lal Aggie Lal

Instagram influencer Aggie Lal has garnered an international following in recent years, earning a high reputation for her outstanding photography and modeling in exotic locations around the world. In addition to creating products helping novice photographers replicate her Instagram style, she’s released a high-fashion swimwear line for women that uses recycled fishing nets in its fabric. 


Aggie Lal is known across the globe for her exotic adventures, posting on Instagram from some of the most beautiful and picturesque landscapes anywhere. She’s gained a tremendous following in her time on the popular social media website and has turned her success into a full-time career. 


To help fans and followers achieve their own professional-grade photographs, Aggie Lal has also created a number of resources available online today. She’s built educational courses, written books on her top tips for photographers and models, and has even created a set of preset filters for purchase that help enthusiasts replicate the look and feel of her photos. 


Aggie Lal has also been a pioneer in the swimsuit industry: she’s launched a revolutionary line of chic, high-fashion swimsuits for women that use fabric created from recycled fishing nets, which help protect wildlife while offering up some of the most lavish swimsuits on the market.


“Did you know that 46% of ocean waste are fishing nets?” Aggie Lal tells us. “Fish, turtles and birds get caught in the nets daily. We collect fishing nets and recycle them into our soft luxurious fabric, playing our part in saving the ocean.”


Lal is a firm believer in diversity and global collaboration, evident in her online posts, and she incorporates these same themes into her fashionable swim line. All the swimsuits in her collection are made in Bali, Indonesia in a factory run by women. The recycled fishing net fabric that makes up the attire are made in Italy. The design of the swimsuits were created by Aggie Lal and her close friend Bridgette. Aggie Swimwear is based in Venice, California. 


In addition to being a great resource for the environment, Lal is also chiefly concerned with quality products that will last buyers through many excursions to the beach and beyond. To accomplish this, she uses double fabric on all her swimsuits so they stay with buyers longer and make for a quality investment. The double fabric, she tells us, also means that the swimsuits will retain their shape better and provide a nice seamless finish all around. 


Fewer fishing nets polluting our oceans means happier and healthier wildlife, and purchasing an Aggie Lal swimsuit is an environmentally-conscience buy that goes on to improve the sea. Also, when people buy from Lal’s swimsuit collection, a percentage from the profits will support Save the Reef foundation, making it a double-win for the ocean.