Aggie Lal Donates 100% of Book Pre-Sales to Aid in Fight Against Fires in Australia

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Aggie Lal Aggie Lal

Influencer and Instagram model Aggie Lal has created a series of photo-editing presets and written a book on crafting exceptional photos to help her fans and followers create stunning posts. To help fund efforts to fight the encroachment of the Australian fires wreaking havoc on the country, Lal will donate all the money made during her pre-sale run of her new book entitled InstaTravel: Discover Breathtaking Destinations. Have Amazing Adventures. Capture Stunning Photos.

 Aggie Lal has amassed thousands of followers online who tune into her Instagram feed to see her latest travels around the world. Besides giving her audience exclusive details about the exotic locations she visits, Lal posts some of the most vivid and beautiful photography on the internet that inspire her fans to craft similar posts.

“There’s more to a successful Instagram post than just a great shot of pretty landscapes or a

beautifully colored image,” says Aggie Lal. “It has to tell a story or share an idea, and it has to

be able to connect with many people at once.”

Today, there are over 100 million Instagram users internationally, with the majority of them checking in multiple times each day to post images or browse through their feeds. Users like Aggie Lal have discovered the high value of connecting with viewers by posting professional-quality images of their travels. They become influencers who are paid to post their work or showcase new products to their fans and followers.

Aggie Lal is unique in that she’s created many resources that help people inspired by her posts to replicate the same look in their own photos. At the beginning of February, Lal will officially release a book teaching Instagrammers how to improve their posts called InstaTravel: Discover Breathtaking Destinations. Have Amazing Adventures. Capture Stunning Photos. In the book, she teaches how to turn photographs into influencer-level work using the same resources she did to become one of the top Instagram influencers today. She believes the book will help readers fill their feed with amazing photos that look just like those featured on her own page.

“Right now, fires are raging across Australia, which is home to some of the most beautiful and exotic destinations on the whole planet,” says Aggie Lal. “To help the fireman and the agencies battling the fire, I’ve pledged to donate all the pre-sales of my book directly to relief funds.”

Aggie Lal’s book is currently on pre-sale online and won’t be available for physical purchase until it makes its debut on February 4. However, every copy sold between now and then will directly fund efforts to stop the encroachment of the Australian fires and provide aid to those people and wildlife most affected by it.