Aggie Lal Helps Fans Take Charge of Their IG Photos with Picture Presets

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Aggie Lal Aggie Lal

An Instagram influencer with thousands of followers, Aggie Lal is known for her photos of exotic international destinations, which are perfectly edited to reveal ultra-crisp and bright colors of local scenery. Helping people achieve the same look through purchasable presets, Lal helps fans and enthusiasts take charge of their pictures.

Aggie Lal has shaped an international career as an Instagram influencer and has amassed thousands of followers who frequently check in for new photos of her travels. She was born in Poland, currently lives in Los Angeles, and takes trips around the world each year, proving that adventure and traveling are at the core of her being. She considers herself a global citizen who loves spending time in nature and chasing adventure while seeking inner peace and self-fulfillment.

Her Instagram page, originally entitled “Travel in Her Shoes,” has become a high-traffic site allowing her to earn money from her trips. The page was born out of her passion for learning about people and cultures around the world. However, Aggie Lal also champions causes like better treatment of animals, more respect for indigenous people, and a kinder, gentler approach to sharing life together through her posts.

She enjoys helping fans of her work replicate the same effect she achieves in her own images, and has created a series of resources to help them accomplish it. Soon, Aggie Lal will release a book teaching audiences how to do just that, entitled InstaTravel: Discover Breathtaking Destinations. Have Amazing Adventures. Capture Stunning Photos.

She’s also created a series of presets for purchase from her website, which takes out the bulk of the hard work required to achieve the look of her posts. Presets are a combination of filters that are available in programs like Adobe Lightroom, which allow photographers to create specific looks in their pictures.

After experimenting for years to nail down the perfect look and feel of her Instagram posts, Aggie Lal saved the configurations of her favorite presets and made them available for purchase on her personal website. She’s a big fan of the Lightroom and Photoshop programs when it comes to color manipulation, and she offers presets solely within them. Once they purchase a preset from her site, users will be able to replicate images like Lal or else adjust exposure, contrast, and saturation to their liking. She even offers YouTube tutorials to help people truly take control of their image settings.

“The more you grow as a photographer, just like with any other art, you start developing your own look for your photos,” Aggie Lal says to buyers. “There are so many things that influence the final outcome, but I hope these presets will become the beginning of your photography journey.”