Alan Honig Names the Best Long Running Shows to See on Broadway Today

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Alan Honig Alan Honig

Certified public accountant Alan Honig has spent decades protecting the finances of major representatives from film, theatre, and music. With many ties to Broadway, and as a seasoned show-goer himself, he shares with readers a few of the must-see performances on stage now.

For sixty years, some of the most celebrated names in music, film, and theater have turned to Alan Honig for his accounting expertise and his extensive knowledge of sound catalogs. Honig studied at NYU Law, Cornell Law, and Wharton, and he built a promising career in accounting and finance where he represents a variety of people and projects in the entertainment industry.

He’s purchased and handled transactions and licensing for a number of song catalogs as well as served as an accounting counsel for prominent theater chains across the country. Alan Honig currently manages the rights to the track “Impossible Dream” from the award-winning Broadway musical Man of La Mancha, which has been syndicated in a range of mediums.

“I’ve been a fan of Broadway shows since the beginning,” says Alan Honig. “Over the years, I have overseen the accounting of over 100 Broadway theatrical productions and have represented many notable producers, company managers, directors, composers, and lyricists.”

A frequent show-goer, Alan Honig names the top shows to see on Broadway right now.

The Lion King

While the Disney live-action/CGI film is out in theaters right now, it doesn’t capture the unique approach to the award-winning musical that has set the standard for avant-garde theatre. The show’s ode to Africa features stunning artistry, superb costuming, and classic but unforgettable music for the whole family to love.


One of the most talked-about shows in years, Hamilton takes a hip-hop approach to history as it tells the story of our Founding Fathers while they take on their new nation. The show features appearances by George Washington, Eliza Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, and Hamilton’s friend and foe Aaron Burr.

The Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon has been known for years as one of the most interesting and laugh-out-loud shows to appear on a Broadway stage. It follows two young missionaries who travel to Uganda to try to convert citizens to the Mormon religion. Upon their arrival in Africa, the two main characters quickly learn the society they’ve arrived at is plagued by AIDS, poverty, and violence, making their mission a bit of a challenge.


Of all the plays on Broadway, however, few compare to the grandeur and quintessential fun of Gregory Maguire’s book-turned-musical Wicked, which tells a new spin on the story of Oz and its witches before Dorothy dropped in. The music was written by wildly-famous composer Stephen Schwartz and features one of the most impressive set- and costume-combinations ever.

“It’s a great time to be a theatre lover,” says Alan Honig. “Today’s shows offer some of the greatest fun and most beautiful music that has ever hit Broadway!”