Aldo Cassano Jr.’s Love Of Italy

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Aldo Cassano Jr Love Of Italy Aldo Cassano Jr Love Of Italy

Aldo Cassano Jr., like many travelers, absolutely loves Italy. From the out of this world food to heavenly scenery, Aldo Cassano Jr. would move there if he didn’t live in the good ole United States of America. Nevertheless, Aldo tries to make it across to Italy once a year and bask in the beauty of the Italian coastline.

While in Italy, Aldo Cassano Jr. eats as much seafood and enjoys as much wine as reasonably possible. “People talk about Italian food so much, it’s almost become a cliche. But, it’s a cliche because it’s true! Whether it’s the Arrabbiata, Cioppino Seafood Stew, Italian Seafood Pasta, the list of amazing seafood and other dishes is really mind blowing. I think I can go to Italy and for the rest of my life and never get tired of the unbelievable food.”

Aldo Cassano Jr. can’t get enough seafood but also is continually blown away by the amazing Italian scenery. “You really think that you’ve died and gone to heaven when you see the idyllic lakes, surrounded by green mountains and awe inspiring cliffs. It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful place. I totally understand why George Clooney spends as much time here as possible.”

Naturally, coming from Lynn, Massachusetts, Aldo Cassano Jr. can really appreciate some beautiful scenery not covered in snow. “I love Massachusetts. The people may be a little wary of outsiders but once you get to know the place, the people are quite nice. What is less nice is having your car buried in snow. However, if I have a trip booked to Italy it’s a nice light at the end of a snow-covered tunnel.”

Aldo Cassano Jr. really enjoys taking bike rides in the relaxed Italian coastline. “Biking in Massachusetts is pretty nice during the summer. It’s pretty flat so I don’t have to work too hard. Although, as much as I enjoy Massachusetts it doesn’t quite compare to biking in Italy. There’s just something about the quaint, quiet beaches that really lets you unwind.”

As a civil engineer, Aldo Cassano Jr. obviously appreciates the historic architecture in Italy. “In Italy, there are statues on the street that are hundreds of years old, it’s incredible! As someone who worked on the Big Dig, it’s hard to imagine how they built roads thousands of years ago. I can’t help but be impressed by how difficult it must have been with the tools of the time.”

Aldo Cassano Jr enjoys the dichotomy of Massachusetts and Italy. “Funnily, the small windy roads in Boston are like distant cousins to the tiny roads in Italy. Clearly, Massachusetts and Italy don’t have many similarities but I can’t help but see one every now and then.