Amendment 8 Removal by Florida Judge

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Amendment 8 Removed Amendment 8 Removed

Florida Judge Orders Amendment 8 Removed

Judge John Cooper
Judge John Cooper

Leon County, Florida, August 20, 2018 ( – This morning a Judge in Leon County Florida has issued that Amendment 8 be removed from the Florida ballot. With this new alteration in effect, it will give the state an easier way to regulate charter schools and skip through the approval of local school boards. The reasoning that the amendment is being reviewed is because Judge John Cooper believes it is misleading. Judge Cooper, stated that it “fails to inform voters of the chief purpose and effect of this proposal.” In addition to Judge Cooper, other activists such as the League of Women Voters was close behind the Judge is rectifying the ballot.

The League of Women Voters has made claims stating that the Constitution Revision Commission intentionally designed three distinct educational programs into one. The reason for this is unknown, however, many claims that the current standard helps school boards along with teachers maintain higher grades. The Constitution Revision Commission congregated every 20 years and discusses what changes they can/should make to the Consitution. Conducted usually in November of all month. Should Amendment 8 be removed?

“It’s a victory for the people of Florida,” Brigham said. “Confusing voters was never the purpose. Furthermore, it did not show the intent was to take away home rule from the districts. … The judge saw right through it”. Erika Donalds, a well-known school choice supporter and the CRC commissioner who assisted in making this amendment. Now calls the ruling “disappointing” and driven by ideology, not the law.


The CRC Commissioner Continued to Say About Amendment 8


Brigham continued by saying, “The group suing to remove Amendment 8 from the ballot fundamentally opposes empowering families. Despite the bunk they’ve spread, I hope voters will be able to make their own decision in November. It is disgusting how many misrepresentations the opposition is willing to put forth to block student-centered choice options.”

In conclusion, Judge Cooper questioned both sides as he tried to come up with a decision. An answer as to whether the item should remain on the November ballot or not. Cooper stated he hopes to have a decision by Monday morning. The same day that the state is addressing five others in the state Supreme Court. All topics around the Amendment 8 removal possibility.


Amendment 8 Removed