Andrew Urbaniak of Massachusetts Shares Planning Tips for Traveling to Kenya

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Andrew Urbaniak of Massachusetts Shares Planning Tips for Traveling to Kenya Andrew Urbaniak of Massachusetts Shares Planning Tips for Traveling to Kenya

Make packing for your vacation a breeze using these tips from Andrew Urbaniak of Massachusetts.

Kenya is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa, often known for its safari tours. Travelers are eager to see the wildlife, fantastic culture, and unique cuisine. Preparing for a trip so far away from home, however, can be challenging and stressful. For many, visiting Kenya is a once in a lifetime experience. It’s essential to get it right, the first time!

After living in Kenya and traveling around Africa for years, Andrew Urbaniak of Massachusetts shares his travel tips to help you plan your trip.

Create a Budget

Kenya is not considered to be a cheap African destination. In fact, it is much higher than other popular choices like Tanzania and Zanzibar. Andrew Urbaniak of Massachusetts recommends creating a specific budget to ensure you stay within your means. Start by determining how much money you have available for the trip. Next, Andrew Urbaniak of Massachusetts suggests researching the cost of activities, transportation, hotels, and where to get your three meals per day.

Outside of planning for necessities and entertainment, it’s best to have an additional amount set aside for drinking, shopping, and unexpected situations or emergencies. Andrew Urbaniak of Massachusetts notes that you can cut down on costs by planning a trip outside of peak tourist season or by choosing smaller safaris.

Additionally, keep in mind the cost of obtaining a passport and the Kenya Visa entry fee. This ranges from $50-$100 depending on the length of your stay and destinations. Tipping is also expected in Kenya. Andrew Urbaniak of Massachusetts recommends tipping your porters, guides, and servers. It is standard to tip 10%. Bring US dollars and Kenya’s currency, the shilling (Ksh). Many hotels and large restaurants will quote prices in US dollars, while some entertainment and local shops will request shilling.


Traveling to other countries can expose you to diseases. Andrew Urbaniak of Massachusetts notes that it is essential to receive a yellow fever vaccine. It is required to show proof of the immunization before you can leave Kenya. Make sure to pack your paperwork before the trip to prevent any delays.

Additionally, Andrew Urbaniak of Massachusetts suggests buying antimalarial medication to combat any potential interactions with malaria. It is not uncommon for malaria to be along the coast of Kenya in game reserves, which is easily transmitted through mosquito bites.

Andrew Urbaniak of Massachusetts recommends packing clothes that will protect you from bug bites. Also, ensure that your lodging is completely enclosed so that you’re protected from mosquitos at night. Many tourists choose to bring or buy protective mosquito tents when traveling out of the country.

No matter the trip, always take preventative measures to protect your health. With Andrew Urbaniak’s tips, you’re sure to be off to a good start!


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