Appeal to Voters in Campaign Messaging With Craig Schoenfeld

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Craig Schoenfeld Appeal to Voters in Campaign Messaging Craig Schoenfeld Appeal to Voters in Campaign Messaging

A campaign is only as effective as its strategic message; Craig Schoenfeld explains why.

Voters often make decisions on politicians and campaigns based on their perceptions of the candidate. As a result, candidate profiles and campaign messaging must be crafted to appeal to the voters, or target audience specifically. Craig Schoenfeld, the president of CR3Connect, does this through strategic communications plans and issue advocacy.

An excellent campaign impacts the voter’s perception, helping them decide how to vote. Craig Schoenfeld recommends appealing to human core values, which focus on the emotions and needs of society. Voters want to connect with an issue or candidate through shared values and past experiences. Examples include security, healthcare, ethics, education, and the workforce.

In addition, the message should stay clear and consistent. Craig Schoenfeld explains that a communication strategy is built to direct focus on the message. Voters will grow to recognize and remember the message from repetition, or more importantly, from how it made them feel. All materials including advertisements, press releases, speeches, or mail cards should connect the voters to their values, and ultimately, to the candidate and their message.

To find a suitable message for current and potential supporters, Craig Schoenfeld recommends learning more about the demographic majority. Data from the census and past voter records can provide insight into the demographic makeup of the electorate. Valuable information can include things like age, occupation, gender, party affiliation, and voting history. Craig Schoenfeld uses data to identify a target audience or ideal voter.

With this in mind, Craig Schoenfeld suggests crafting a message to persuade the voter. Instead of flooding them with information, explain how the candidate or issue will change their situation for the better. Voters ultimately want to know what can be done for them. Also, Craig Schoenfeld notes that strategic communications plans will use an opponent’s weaknesses to its advantage. The goal is to position the candidate as the best possible choice above all others.

About Craig Schoenfeld: 

 With more than 20 years of experience, Craig R. Schoenfeld has worked as a lobbyist, political strategist, press spokesperson, and campaign operations manager for his clients. He has developed excellent relations with elected officials, business organizations, and activists in the Midwest.

 Craig Schoenfeld is also the president of CR3 Connect, one of Iowa’s leading strategic advisory lobby firms. CR3 Connect specializes in designing and implementing strategies that build support, inform the public and public officials, educate and mobilize key constituencies. For more information about Craig Schoenfeld and CR3Connect, visit