Arman Izadi Pays Homage to Late Rapper Nipsey Hussle With Breathtaking Mural

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Arman Izadi Arman Izadi Pays Homage to Late Rapper Nipsey Hussle With Breathtaking Mural Arman Izadi Arman Izadi Pays Homage to Late Rapper Nipsey Hussle With Breathtaking Mural

Armani Izadi is a successful social media star, best known as the creator of the successful “Graffiti Mansion” project. Having collaborated with industry heavyweights like Jake Paul, Logan Paul, Jojo Siwa, and Faze Rug, the businessman has amassed a staggering following of nearly 800,000 followers across Instagram and YouTube alone.

Recently, Arman Izadi created a touching mural in memory of late rapper and cannabis entrepreneur, Nipsey Hussle, who was gunned down in March of this year at the age of 33.

“We’re down here on Crenshaw Boulevard, and since we’re in the legend Nipsey Hussle’s neighborhood,” Arman Izadi said in an Instagram video, “we’re going to go ahead and pay tribute.”

The Double Up rapper was widely respected and hailed as a pillar in his native South LA community. His activism, entrepreneurial spirit, and influence have left an indelible mark on fans across the globe.

Hussle transformed his community through such endeavors as an affordable housing unit, a coworking space, multiple restaurants, and a barbershop. He also famously purchased shoes for students, repaved basketball courts and funded funerals for low-income families.

In his video, Armani Izadi captioned the pivotal moment quite well. “When @othatdevan called us to come down to the infamous neighborhood that the legend Nipsey Hussle loved and lost his life in and pay tribute to his memory, @dlordink & I graciously accepted the honor of packing up our cans and getting to work right away.”

He continued, “Big shout out to Mr. T of Mr. T’s Collective for helping to keep Nipsey’s memory alive at his new dispensary location opening soon.”

The mural itself boasted of a larger than life Hussle, wearing a yellow and purple Lakers jersey in a nod to the rapper’s dedication to the Los Angeles Lakers, being a longtime fan and frequent courtside presence at the games. The vibrant piece stood testament to Hussle’s legacy and the imprint he left behind.

In the months following the rapper’s death, LA has seen many murals in his likeness in alleys, buildings, busy highways, billboards, and basketball courts in those signature blue and yellow hues much like Izadi’s work.

Arman Izadi uses his massive influence to draw attention to matters of grave importance and bridge the community in times of crisis. During the Las Vegas shooting in 2017, the artist transformed his 6,000 square foot Vegas mansion to honor the victims.

“When the tragedy happened,” Izadi said of the shooting, “I didn’t know what to do. I was staring at my house and I was like, has anyone ever painted a mansion before?”

The video documenting the transformation garnered over 60 million views on YouTube, catapulting Izadi to social media superstardom, with fans and peers alike praising his altruistic efforts.

For Izadi, art is transformative and helps people embrace the bigger picture. Armani Izadi continues to use his talents to foster solidarity in times of hardship. His far-reaching influence has inspired budding artists and entrepreneurs to realize their true potential and bring about positive change in their communities.