As a CEO, Get Comfortable With the Uncomfortable: Insights from Visionary & Senior Executive Andrew Malek

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Andrew Malek Andrew Malek

Effective business leadership is never an easy feat. When you’re entrusted with the well-being of your staff and company alike, while keeping an eye on the future of your industry (and, of course, your bottom line), it can be tempting to stick with tried and true methods. Particularly if you’ve been successful in the past, going about things in the same way every time can seem like the best way to continue.

But according to senior executive and business leader Andrew Malek, being an effective CEO is all about getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. “If you can’t get out of your own way and learn to compromise your comfort zone, push your personal and professional boundaries, and get creative with your approach,” says Malek, “your leadership won’t be effective. To get out of a sales rut, improve your communication, and become a leader in your field or industry, you have to step outside your usual ways.”

So how does one start getting comfortable with the uncomfortable in a business context? First, Andrew Malek suggests embracing rather than avoiding conflict, as long as it’s healthy. “You have to figure out what’s not working first before you can figure out what might work best. Don’t be afraid of feedback, even if it’s critical. This can help you improve in ways you never considered before.”

Secondly, Andrew Malek suggests that you set aside dedicated time for experimentation and brainstorming. “Rather than ineffective company personnel meetings and team-building exercises,” he recommends, “consider building micro-pods of cross-team collaborators who can brainstorm new ways of thinking and working from the bottom up.”

In all of his endeavors, Andrew Malek puts sustainability and savvy strategy building first. He encourages those he mentors to adopt a future-oriented mindset in order to make dynamic changes in their personal and professional lives.