Atlanta-based Dentist Dr. Frank Roach Offers GLO Whitening Treatments to Uncover Patients’ Brightest Smiles

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Dr. Frank Roach - Whitening Treatments Dr. Frank Roach - Whitening Treatments

For decades, Dr. Frank Roach has helped patients in the Atlanta area achieve brighter, healthier teeth employing a range of sophisticated tools and procedures. To achieve ultimate results, he uses GLO whitening treatments, which rely on a combination of heat and light acceleration technology to brighten without causing tooth sensitivity.

Over the decades, Dr. Frank Roach has gained a reputation for employing state-of-the-art resources in his Atlanta offices and providing dedicated care to a range of patient needs. Ensuring he offers only the most effective whitening solutions, he provides industry-leading GLO teeth-whitening treatments to his patients.

By staying at the cutting edge of technology, he delivers unparalleled care and total solutions for teeth–from fillings and crowns to cleaning and whitening. Dr. Frank Roach uses tech like industry-leading All-on-Four procedures for secure, low-impact implants and Omnicam products to obtain crystal clear 3D imaging of patients’ teeth.

“Using the latest technologies and procedures in-office helps us deliver quality care that is both long-lasting and as low-impact as possible for the patient,” says Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta.

GLO whitening treatments prove to be efficient and comfortable for patients through their specialized technology and approach. Using a combination of heat & light acceleration, Dr. the product can safely remove stains from teeth and provide clear results much faster than over-the-counter whitening kits can. GLO treatments are also designed for thorough whitening without blotching or unnatural patterns left behind. The GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device is a Class 1 Medical Device registered with the FDA, so patients can rely on a quality, safe product that has undergone clinical testing.

The advanced GLO devices empower a liquid solution to reveal whiter, healthier teeth in minutes, whether performed in-office or in the comfort of patients’ own home. The solution is 6% hydrogen peroxide, which is equivalent to 18% carbamide peroxide but brightens teeth without the harmful breakdown byproduct. Patients discuss their goals with Dr. Frank Roach during an initial consultation where he inspects teeth and determines a healthy but effective concentration of whitening gel required to meet expectations.

“The product is safe and doesn’t aggravate teeth, and it delivers powerful whitening in minutes,” says Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta. “The concentration can be dialed back depending on the level of brightness patients wish to achieve. It offers truly tailored results.”

The GLO brand has created professional products for in-office use as well as offshoots to deliver easy, user-friendly treatments at home. The original GLO Brilliant device has now been remodeled into GLO Lit, which provides the same patented teeth whitening technology using a standard solution and mouthpiece. The GLO Lit even features a new Bluetooth-enabled Power Pack that pairs with the GLO Whitening smartphone app for easy use with step-by-step instructions.

“The light and heat acceleration technology is revolutionary and never fails to deliver full-tooth brightening for all types of teeth,” says Dr. Frank Roach.