Attorney Charles X Gormally Hikes Copper Canyon to Deliver Eyeglasses to Natives

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Charles X Gormally Charles X Gormally

Former Mountain Lakes Mayor Charles X Gormally Donates to Tarahumara Mexican Natives

Charles X Gormally, former mayor of Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, and accomplished attorney at law firm Brach Eichler, chooses to spend his free time helping others while spending quality time with his loved ones. Charles X Gormally and his family members complete hikes within Copper Canyon Mexico, delivering eyeglasses to isolated Tarahumara natives.

The Tarahumara natives of Mexico live in caves, under cliffs and in small wood and stone cabins in remote areas of Copper Canyon. According to Mex Online, their life is simple and “undisturbed by modern technologies.” One of those technologies often includes vision care, said Charles X Gormally.

“When I became aware of this, my family and I knew that we had to do something to help out,” Charles X Gormally said. “We’re able to hike in the beautiful Copper Canyon and enjoy the natural beauty while also bringing eyeglasses to the Tarahumara.”

Copper Canyon is a stunning, isolated spot for hiking that includes many small towns, which Charles X Gormally said his family has enjoyed visiting during their hikes.

Mex Online states that the Mexican government recommends asking for permission to take photos, enter accommodations or cross Tarahumara land and that their privacy is respected. Charles X Gormally said he is careful to maintain a respectful distance and not to be invasive with his deliveries.

“Many Tarahumara natives have poor eyesight and no access to obtaining glasses,” Charles X Gormally said. “My family brings as many pairs as we can carry on our hikes to leave with the natives.”

The Tarahumara natives have received attention from the company Health Warrior, which launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2017 to aid in their agricultural efforts. According to the Kickstarter page, “Sales of Mexican Chocolate Chia Bars through this Kickstarter will help to restore the drought-stricken farms of the Tarahumara people and, in so doing, preserve their inspiring culture rooted in the joy of movement and ancient, nutritional wisdom.

No stranger to hiking, Charles X Gormally and his family have also completed 13 hiking trips into the Grand Canyon in Arizona. When he is not hiking, Charles X Gormally is serving his community right in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey. He served as mayor of the city for two years, eight years as a council member and six years as a planning board member and vice chair. Charles X Gormally is also a recipient of a Special Service Award by the Mountain Lakes Police Department for service to the community.

Whether in Copper Canyon, New Jersey or in his law firm, Brach Eichler, Charles X Gormally emphasized the value of giving back to others whenever he has the opportunity.