Attorney Charles X Gormally on What New Jersey’s Medical Cannabis Expansion Means for the State

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Charles X Gormally Charles X Gormally

This year, New Jersey’s Senate, Assembly and governor signed a bill that expands access to medical cannabis in the state. However, recreational use of cannabis is still illegal at this time, though attorney Charles X Gormally said he believes legalizing recreational marijuana is the next step for New Jersey.

Charles X Gormally, a New Jersey attorney and co-chair of the Brach Eichler cannabis group, has been closely following cannabis legislation in the state. His law practice, Brach Eichler, has a cannabis group with numerous attorneys who assist in cannabis-related legal matters.

At this time, New Jersey has approximately 50,000 patients who have prescriptions for medical marijuana, but state had a limit on cannabis providers, leading to lengthy lines and supply shortages for thousands of people with a prescription for medical cannabis, according to Charles X Gormally. These people have conditions such as anxiety, cancer, multiple sclerosis, AIDS, PTSD and terminal illnesses. With the bill that was recently passed in the state, as many as 28 cannabis providers are permitted in the state.

A Cannabis Regulatory Commission has been created in the state to oversee and regulate the medical cannabis industry. Additionally, the bill that was passed, A20, will end the 6.625% sales tax on medical marijuana by the year 2022. The medical cannabis registry has recently been updated, with an option to sign up using a mobile device and with a portal for use by physicians, patients and caretakers.

The New Jersey Department of Public Health is also proposing to repeal the regulation that establishes a 10% THC limit for medical cannabis products, Charles X Gormally said. These and other new rules and regulations are in motion for the state, and he said he is excited to see it becoming more progressive. “Legalizing and expanding cannabis programs is an excellent source of income for New Jersey and would benefit the state economically in a big way,” Charles X Gormally said.

Charles X Gormally lauded another element of A20, which sets a goal of giving 15% of licenses to minority owners and another 15% to women, veterans and disabled people. This shows the importance of diversity and inclusion in a bill that is already progressive, Charles X Gormally said.

The cannabis practice at Brach Eichler has eight lawyers on the team who have experience in health law, real estate, land use, corporate transactions, labor and employment and more. They are poised and ready to usher in these and future changes to cannabis legalization in New Jersey, said Charles X Gormally. For more information on the cannabis law group and cannabis law, including an educational and informative video series, visit