Attorney Kelly Hyman Appeared On America This Week With Eric Bolling

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Attorney Kelly Hyman Appeared On America This Week With Eric Bolling Attorney Kelly Hyman Appeared On America This Week With Eric Bolling

Attorney, Kelly Hyman, is a highly passionate person who cares about many topics, including the ones she weighed-in on America This Week.

Last week, Kelly Hyman Attorney was a part of “The Debate” segment on America This Week, hosted by Eric Bolling. The segment aired on October 29, 2019.

Kelly Hyman is a Democrat strategist and an Author. Her recent book is called “Top Ten Reasons to Dump Trump in 2020.”

After viewing a short clip of Donald Trump sharing his feelings with Eric Bolling about Impeachment, “The Debate” began.

Kelly Hyman faced off against Emma Meshell, an Analyst at Young Americans for Liberty (YAL).

Eric Bolling kicked off the segment by asking Kelly Hyman to share two or three reasons, from her book, why we should “Dump Tump in 2020.”

Kelly responded, “Lies, the environment, the cabinet vacancies.”

Eric then turns towards Emma Meshell to get her opinion using an opposite angle. “What are the top reasons to keep Trump?” asked Eric.

Emma shared her reasons “The economy is doing very well. We have seen real wages go up, and we have seen record blue-collar job growth. Best we’ve had since Ragan’s first term in office.”

A brief discussion ensued where Emma Meshell shared that she does not like that Trump uses Tariffs. She believes they are “not good for the American people.”

Eric then turns back to Kelly Hyman, asking her to weigh-in on the status of the economy.

Kelly Hyman declared, “I really think we are headed towards a recession. Our economy is in trouble.”

Eric Bolling continued his examination of the subject. He stated, “But sometimes a recession is good for the economy.”

Kelly disproved. She quickly asked Eric, “How is it good for the economy, and how does it help the American people?”

Eric Bolling answered, “Because when prices get out of control, inequities like stocks and real estate, a recession brings those prices down, making it affordable to people. And, then they start to inflate again, people who were not involved in the first big boom, get involved in the second wave boom.”

Kelly Hyman still disagreed emphatically with this notion. She turned to Emma Meshell for her opinion on this matter.

Although Emma agreed with Kelly that recessions are not suitable for the American people, she did state, “They are a natural part of the economy.” She went on to say, “We are having a huge boom in the economy right now, and that’s a good thing.”

Eric chimes in, “We always get them. Doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or Democrat, you’re going to get a recession.” He puts emphasizes on his next sentence, “It is how you get out of the recession.”

Host, Eric Bolling proceeded to talk about the recession that occurred during Obama’s Presidency. “The problem with President Obama was that it took us many, many years to get out of that recession. Usually, you recover within 12 to 18-months. Obama’s recession took almost 3 full years.”

Kelly Hyman responded, “Right, but we have to also think about if we kept Clinton’s no tax cuts, we would have no deficit right now.”

At this point, the interview turned to another topic.

Eric wanted his guests to discuss the impeachment inquiry, and if they feel it will be “fair and impartial?”

Emma Meshell said, “I think we’ve got to watch for more details. At the end of the day, both sides are playing to their audience.”

Eric pressed the matter, “Do you think the Democrats are playing fair?

Kelly Hyman stated, “I do think the Democrats and Republicans are playing fair.”

Eric Bolling pressed the matter even further. He wanted to know if the secret conversations and testimonies happening behind closed doors are right.

Both guests, Kelly Hyman and Emma Meshell, agreed that they are right. They contended that Republicans were in the sessions and that it was instituted by Boehner.

Kelly Hyman continued her argument, “It is going to be opened to the public, and all the transcripts are going to be released. The American people have the right to know. In fact, most Americans do support the impeachment inquiry, and they want to know what exactly happened.”

Eric Bolling still appeared suspicious about the “closed-door impeachment inquiry.”

As the debate segment started to wind down, Eric Bolling stated, “I think most Americans want to know what’s happening, but they don’t like what’s going on. Where one side won’t let the other side get in and hear what these witnesses are saying.”

Kelly Hyman reiterated that the Republicans were in there. She also reemphasizes that the proceedings will be opened to the American people, eventually.

Kelly’s constant dedication and relentless pursuit of justice have led the media to refer to her as a “modern-day Erin Brockovich.”

Kelly Hyman does not turn away from controversial topics, and she always puts the constitution of the American people first.

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