A-US Air Conditioning of Texas Gives Tips On Surviving the Heat

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AUS Air Conditioning of Texas Gives Tips On Surviving the Heat


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Escaping the summer heat can seem unbearable at times. The Texas sun is exhausting, even with air conditioning. This results in discomfort only make everything worse.

Fortunately, AUS Air Conditioning of Texas has your back when it comes to tackling the heat in Texas.

Drink Lots of Water

Individuals are supposed to drink water constantly anyways. However, in the summer, water consumption and staying hydrated is even more important. Gatorade or anything that replenishes electrolytes is an excellent alternative.

Drinking water can get boring so try adding lemon juice or chopped fruits into the mix. This will give the water a little flavor, while still leaving out all the unnecessary sugar. There are endless combinations you can try so you never get tired or just drinking plain water.

A quick tip is to freeze your waters overnight, this will leave your drinks cold much longer. Take the bottles when leaving for the day. The ice will eventually melt, and the drink will be fresh and cold for hours to come.

Stay Active

Maintaining an active lifestyle and exercising efficiently will help your body further defend the heat. While the summer might provide some unique forms of exercise, keeping to a routine is still important. Running and biking are strenuous activities, especially in the Texas sun. One way to do this is to alter exercise routines to cooler parts of the day. The best time is in the early morning and evening, before sunrise and after dusk are the best times.

Eat Smaller Meals

Consuming a large amount of food at a single time is more difficult to digest rather than eating smaller meals throughout the day. This makes your body temperature rise,  which is even more uncomfortable under the hot sun. So, instead of eating the normal portions of meals per day, try eating smaller meals throughout the day. This will help the body digest easier, with less of a negative impact on your metabolism. This is not a diet, just a way of shifting your eating habits.

Wear Lighter Fabrics

Light colored clothing, especially cotton, is more beneficial over wearing dark colors and “less-breathable” fabric. Dark colors attract the light, as the old saying goes, black attracts the sun. Wearing more breathable materials such as cotton, linen, and silk help to better regulate your body’s overall temperature. Furthermore, it keeps the person cooler providing a much more pleasurable day. Other material traps the heat, which makes the body work harder at cooling it off. This is counterproductive, since the more the body works, the warmer the body becomes.

In conclusion, AUS Air Conditioning of Texas wants everyone to enjoy the sun while staying safe and away from exhaustion. The company is made up of all Texas residents, so they understand the brutality of the sun against the Lonestar State. Therefore, AUS Air Conditioning comprised this list to help keep their neighbors cool when venturing outside.

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