Austin Trahern Discusses the Benefits of Using Google My Business

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Austin Trahern

Google My Business is a benefit that many businesses do not even realize exists.

Online marketing tactics are everywhere. Everyone is always trying to tell businesses how to get better exposure online. Most of that advice either involves a hefty price tag and/or many hours of work. It’s no secret that staying relevant online, especially for a small business is a daunting and sometimes, seemingly impossible task. The influx of businesses and the expansion of communication has made the world a much smaller place. Fortunately, there is a free service provided by Google that helps businesses keep their information up to date.

Austin Trahern, an industry leader is excited to discuss the benefits of using Google My Business. Austin Trahern knows that regardless of what industry or the size of the business, this tool is vital. Here are a few of the best benefits of using Google My Business:

Keeps Up with Minor Details

Business owners have a lot going on all the time. They must always remember something and if they think they don’t have anything to do, they are probably missing something. Therefore, it is always nice to have a tool that reminds business owners of smaller details. After all, it is often the smaller details that make a big difference to customers. Specifically, Google My Business will ask the business owner if their hours are changing during the holiday season. This is important, as many people use holiday time to shop. After setting these holiday hours, the business owner can forget about the update, because after the holiday, normal hours resume. The listing will automatically reflect that.

Feeds Google Information from the Source

Google My Business is a direct link to Google itself. Search engines scour the internet for correct search results. The effectiveness of a business’ tags and SEO practices depend on how often and accurately the business comes up on searches. With Google My Business, however, businesses are giving Google a lot of that information directly. This makes it so the Google search engine does not need to search the internet for your information. It is right there, given to them and verified by them. This makes the business much more legitimate and SEO savvy, which improves the business’ rating on the search engine.

Identified on Google Maps

Google Maps is a widely used platform. By getting your location verified by Google, through Google My Business, the search engine will automatically place your business on Google Maps. That means that patrons can get directions to your business right off their Google search. Also, having your business on Google Maps (having a physical address) makes the business more trustworthy.

To close, Austin Trahern explains how Google My Business is a platform that helps business owners reach out directly to their audience, through the most influential search engine. Additionally, the level of interaction allows businesses to constantly keep their clients apprised of crucial company information. Plus, it’s free. What could be better than that?