Austin Trahern Dishes Out Little-Known Business Etiquette Techniques that will Close the Sale

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Learn the business etiquette techniques that will help you close the sale every time from expert salesman, Austin Trahern.

Successful selling is only marginally reliant on the product. Of course, having a good product is essential for a long-term business model. Yet, there is more that goes into sales than simply having a useful, revolutionary product. Salesmanship is an artform. Austin Trahern has perfected this artform.

Now, Austin Trahern is sharing his expertise in an easy-to understand way. By following these tips, you can always be closing, with style, grace, and confidence. Here are a few little-known but powerful business etiquette techniques:


The introduction an extremely important moment in any business situation. This is when people receive their first impressions. Right or wrong, this could even be the point where the purpose and outcome of your meeting is decided. Thus, it is important to get the etiquette right immediately. Here are three of the most important etiquette practices to remember when beginning a business meeting:

First, always introduce yourself with your full name. Even if it is a laidback atmosphere, speaking your full name during an introduction is essential. Becoming comfortable with one another can come later. Now, it is time to put power and purpose behind your words. The best, most professional way to accomplish this is to speak your full name.

Second, it is never okay to remain seated during a business introduction. It is considered extremely disrespectful not to stand and greet the person at full length while greeting. Standing imparts a respect for both yourself and the person you are meeting. This may seem like a small detail, but it will be noticed.

Third, remember your fellow meeting-goers’ names. Use those names in the introduction and throughout the conversation. This will add a sense of individualization to your conversation. It shows respect for the person you are speaking with and that respect will be appreciated.

Be Agreeable

When speaking to people in business, be agreeable and nice to them. While that might sound like a strange thing to have to say, showing superiority will not make a good impression. Therefore, even when trying to sell your product, be nice. Compliment them on what they are doing right. Do not berate them with what they are doing wrong. No one wants to be spoken down to. Instead, work your pitch into an agreeable, complimentary conversation, instead of trying to tell them why they are wrong.

Be Thankful, But Do Not Overdo It

It is always nice to use your manners; you know, the one’s you learned in Kindergarten? “Please” and “Thank you” can go a long way. Sometimes, business people feel that such niceties are not important. However, they are important, and they make an impression, if used strategically.

Showing gratitude and humility is powerful but like anything else, if it is overdone, it quickly loses its luster. Thus, it is important to only say, “Thank you,” and other mannered words sparingly. If you say thank you too much, you will seem ingenuine.

In summation, Austin Trahern believes that etiquette is essential to success. Whether you are meeting your spouse’s parents or speaking to an investor, manners matter. That is why knowing the right things to say and do in any given situation is crucial to success; not only in business, but in life.