Austin Trahern Shares the Top Necessities for Every Website

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Austin Trahern Top Necessities for Every Website Austin Trahern Top Necessities for Every Website
A website is crucial for every entrepreneur and these top necessities help to make that website shine.

Austin TrahernWebsites are a staple of modern business. It no longer matters what the ultimate structure of the business is, a website secures a platform of trust. Even businesses that have been around for generations uses the power of a website.

The reason being is that the current generation of consumers craves a digital experience. The best thing about a website is that the business has an exorbitant amount of control over their business website. Therefore, they can give the visiting customer a specific experience.

However, Austin Trahern has worked with enough businesses to know that sometimes, that intention falls short. Even though a business intends to offer a positive experience, there is a vital piece of that intention missing. Often, that piece is a part of these top necessities for every website.

About Us

Who are you? What is the purpose of your business? This section can be about the entrepreneur, (yourself or the founder), or the business as its own entity. Every business has a culture and personality. Show that personality to your customers. The About Us page on the website should explain why the business was formed. This section should discuss the different solutions the business offers and why the company is special. This is your business’ introduction to the world; make it shine.

Contact Information

Questions and inquiries are unavoidable. The easier it is for customers to find the answers to their questions, the better their experience. Therefore, having contact information readily available (and a reliable form of contact) improves customer relations dramatically. People are no longer interested in waiting for a reply. They want their answers quickly and they want the company to provide those answers happily. By having an accessible and easy to use contact system right on the website, the business can offer this.


For better or for worse, the business world is currently run by testimonials and media attention. Potential clients want to know what the experience of past customers was like. While advertising gets the name of business out there, testimonials are the best way to gain authority. Ideally, it is important to incorporate both testimonials and media into the website. However, if the business is new, it helps to have as many testimonials as possible.

In addition to being good for advancing your brand authority, testimonials (and media, especially) can help build links. If you have a colleague review your business, who also has a website, encourage them to link their website to their name. That way, you both have an advantage.

To close, Austin Trahern has seen a lot of websites. Personally, Austin Trahern is responsible for the success of many websites. Thus, he is certain that these necessities are a simple, yet effective make or break addition to every website. These necessities span across every industry, without compromise. These necessities have become expectations for businesses, charting the path of patronage throughout an endless supply of target audiences.