Alexander Dillon is the co-founder of GenCap Management, an investment firm that has been up and running since 2021. He’s based out of New York City and has a long history of supporting and growing businesses with capital and leadership. Over the years, he’s invested in dozens of small startup companies, intending to give them the support they need to become large players in their respective industries. Additionally, he offers customized financing solutions through his various organizations. Alexander Dillon is a renaissance man. He has experience in many different fields, including investing and trading. In 2021, he opened a very successful restaurant called Olar Noso with two childhood friends in Northvale, New Jersey. The restaurant is known for its exquisite seafood dishes. Alexander spends much of his time supporting charities, including the St. Francis Food Pantry. He plans to launch his foundation in 2022, focusing on providing food and resources to those who need it most.