Brandon Sarna is a project manager at a globally recognized commercial real estate services firm that operates in 80 countries worldwide. The firm has a strong presence in the northeastern United States and specializes in property and investment management. It utilizes cutting-edge technology to shape the future of the real estate and offers rewarding opportunities to its staff, clients, and communities. In addition to focusing on sustainable real estate solutions, the company significantly emphasizes maximizing profitability. As a project manager, Sarna oversees all aspects of his assigned construction projects, from pre-construction activities like budgeting, scheduling, and subcontractor selection, to construction and post-construction activities such as quality control, procurement, and compliance. Sarna began his career as an associate project manager in 2017 and was promoted to project manager 18 months later. In his current role, he works to ensure that his projects are completed efficiently and effectively, maximizing profitability for the company.