Cory Carnley is a cigar aficionado and tobacco lover who developed his passion at 18. After celebrating his birthday with a few cigars, he was hooked! His interest turned to the expertise and eventually led to him becoming an advocate for cigar rights. With his focus, drive, and certifications in the hospitality arena, Cory is a young man with a bright future. He resides in Gainesville, Florida. Cory is a travel enthusiast and has chronicled his adventures in a travel blog focused on domestic destinations in the United States. He loves seeking new experiences, whether trying a different cigar or exploring an area he's never been to. Cory furthered his love for all things tobacco during his downtime by pursuing higher education in the field. As a cigar enthusiast, he has earned certifications as a tobacconist to lend additional expertise to personal selections and share his tobacco enjoyment with others.