Daniel Kamensky is an attorney and entrepreneur with more than twenty years of experience in the legal and investment management fields. His vast experience has given him a profound understanding of how to solve complex problems using his legal and financial expertise. Throughout his career, he has worn multiple hats, including founder and CEO, entrepreneur, academic, and attorney. Mr. Kamensky's finance-focused career includes founding a distressed debt hedge fund that was recognized with the esteemed Absolute Return Award for best risk-adjusted returns. He is known for being impartial and seeking to balance all stakeholders' interests to arrive at the best solutions. Growing up, Mr. Kamensky was driven by a strong sense of right and wrong and a desire to fight against injustice. As a young teenager, he joined Chicago Action for Soviet Jewry to raise awareness of the struggles of Jews living in the Soviet Union. He tirelessly worked to help his relatives still in Russia immigrate to the United States, and they eventually did in the late 1980s. His family has since adjusted to their new lives and found success.