Darline Singh is a successful California business owner with extensive experience in the healthcare industry. She is the owner and CEO of Zola Hospice, a noted and growing hospice agency that provides high-quality care to hundreds of patients across multiple states. Singh's greatest professional achievement was launching Zola Hospice, which has expanded into several different brands in its portfolio. Singh is committed to expanding Zola Hospice's operations and plans to operate in 12 different states by the end of 2024, including expanding operations to 47 of 58 counties in California. She is a compliance-oriented professional with a keen eye for detail, and she is attuned to the emotional needs of patients and their families. Singh strives to make Zola Hospice a comprehensive option for all hospice needs, coordinating services to help relieve emotional burdens and acting as a liaison to agencies and organizations that can help manage other needs.