Dennis Haggerty is pursuing various professional goals, including pharmacogenomics testing. This branch of medicine studies how the body breaks down different medications. The metabolic process is critical to protecting patients from dangerous side effects, particularly their genetics. However, it benefits seniors with comorbidities or conditions that cause adverse reactions. Haggerty is an innovator and, as such, is always on the lookout for his next opportunity. He's built a degree of flexibility into his pursuits, so he's always ready for what's on the horizon. Dennis began his career at ARC Reprographics, where he learned the financial side of the business exceptionally quickly. His degree in accounting certainly helped, but Haggarty was also an expert at grasping more than just numbers. His dedication and commitment eventually earned him the title of Chief Financial Officer (CFO). From there, he expanded his skills by moving to AL Media, where he would maintain the CFO designation and pick up the additional honour of the Media Director. As one of the top political media firms in the country, Haggerty managed more than $1 billion worth of campaigns. Senators, presidents, and representatives relied on his expertise to reach their target voters. Dennis was a master at absorbing the nuances of different voter bases and how they changed over time. He ensured that every new strategy incorporated the fundamentals of these shifts so that each ad was as impactful as possible.