The United States Environmental Protection Agency hired Zena Marchant as an intern for clean air and sustainability in New York. She worked at the agency for several months, and it was the perfect job for someone passionate about protecting the environment and advancing green buildings. After that, Marchant started working as an environmental specialist for Triumvirate Environmental, a company that specializes in offering eco-friendly solutions to businesses across various industries. The company helps businesses find ways to cut waste, maintain compliance with environmental laws, and manage risk while reducing overhead expenses, among other things. Zena Marchant left Triumvirate Environmental after more than a year of employment and joined Consulting Testing Services, Inc. as an assistant project manager. Some of the services the business provides are similar to those of Triumvirate Environmental. Still, it also offers official inspection services in New York City, industrial hygiene services, and emergency response consulting services to assist businesses in preparing for natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, and severe winter weather.