Barry Hersko offers tips on Buying Homes

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Barry Hersko Home Buying Barry Hersko Home Buying

Buying a home can be a daunting task, especially during busy seasons of life. With decades of real estate experience, Barry Hersko offers solutions for first time home buyers no matter where they live.


“Buying a home is a monumental life decision,” explained Barry Hersko. “You’ll want to have the right team of people around you to ensure you get the best possible home at the best possible rate.


One of the biggest mistakes first time home buyers make is not focusing on the location. You have to create a checklist and go through each area to make sure the location you choose is a good fit. Will you raise your children in this area? How good are the school zones? Are there lots of people moving to that part of town? Are there new developers?


These are just a handful of questions Barry Hersko encourages first time home buyers to ask.


It’s also incredibly important to get the opinions of friends and family who have lived in or around the area you are considering moving to. Because of the age of technology, now, more than ever, you can have the upper hand with scouting potential home locations.


Picking the Right Agent with Barry Hersko

Find the right agent can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Barry Hersko encourages everyone to find a realtor that knows the area you want to move to, has experience in the surrounding areas, and has a plan to use technology to find the best home for your family that can meet all of your needs. Utilizing technology can help you when it comes to creating a comparative market analysis report, that will showcase the price of homes in the area, when pricing drops, and when it might be the best time to buy. Paying attention to these trends and having a realtor to help create the reports will make you have the upper hand when and if it comes time to negotiate rates, and when to offer a price on the home or homes you are looking for.


Find an agent with the right experience, tools to move along the process, and attitude will help you as you search for your dream home.


Therefore, focusing on this and the location you want to live in is vital to the home buying experience.