Become a Lifelong Learner Using Beth Lougee’s Guide

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Beth Lougee of Silver City New Mexico believes everyone can achieve results in personal development by taking proactive steps.

The idea of lifelong learning is to focus on personal development outside of a school or university. It is self-initiated and voluntary, leading to a sense of achieving personal fulfillment. Humans are naturally curious about learning and enjoy developing other interests outside of school and work. It’s important to pursue those hobbies and make excellent use of our spare time. However, many people don’t know how to begin incorporating lifelong learning into their lives.

With more than 23 years of experience in education, Beth Lougee of Silver City New Mexico recommends you first find personal interests and set goals. Self-reflection is useful when trying to determine what motivates you and makes you happy. Do not seriously take into account the opinions of others, as no one can tell you where your heart lies.

Next, Beth Lougee of Silver City New Mexico suggests pinpointing what you love about your passions before exploring reachable goals. For example, if you’re passionate about marine life, there are endless avenues to explore. You could become scuba certified for recreational purposes, obtain a Ph.D. to educate others on the value of marine ecosystems, or volunteer at a local beach clean-up.

All of these activities are at varying levels of interest and require different ways of learning. Beth Lougee of Silver City New Mexico recommends making a list of options and prioritizing them. Once we know what to try first, we can figure out how to get started. Research each objective to make sure you have the time available to schedule the learning goal into your daily life.

Finally, commit to your decision and actively engage in the learning initiative. Beth Lougee of Silver City New Mexico suggests setting realistic expectations while avoiding excuses. Begin with small increments of time and slowly increase the intervals as you get used to making time for the event.

About Beth Lougee:

Beth Lougee of Silver City New Mexico is known to be organized and knowledgeable in data-driven decision making, excellent qualities for her new position as Interim Superintendent at Ketchikan Gateway Borough School. Throughout her career, she has also worked as a substitute teacher, coach, school counselor, and k-12 principal.

Beth Lougee of Silver City New Mexico is happily married to her husband, David Lougee, who also has a long career in education. They have two sons and five beautiful grandchildren, all in Wyoming. In her spare time, you can find Beth outdoors hiking, fishing, camping, or reading educational journals.