Behavior Therapist Casey Diskin Pioneers Program that Promotes a Synergistic Approach to Care for Children with Autism

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Casey Diskin Casey Diskin

An experienced behavior therapist, Casey Diskin has spent years developing a multifaceted approach to care for children with disabilities. Diskin looks to resources such as applied behavior analysis, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy to help children with autism attain personal growth and learn new skills faster. 


Casey Diskin has dedicated the bulk of her professional career to researching and discovering novel therapies and solutions for children with disabilities, especially those suffering from autism. She’s gained a lot of recognition in recent years for her clients’ breakthroughs after receiving a combination of behavior therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy under her guidance. 


Diskin attributes her approach to the program she attended at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia that focused on functional life skills through naturalistic teaching. Throughout her education and career, she has held a firm belief that autism is recoverable, mainly due to the fact that it’s diagnosed on a set of deficits such as social and emotional functionality that she believes can be improved through specialized therapies. The focus of her unique approach is to increase those deficits until they no longer meet the criteria for an autism diagnosis.


In addition to behavior therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy, Casey Diskin has begun recommending hyperbaric oxygen therapy to increase the deficits mentioned above. This unique therapy utilizes increased pressure (usually up to three times higher than normal) in conjunction with high concentrations of oxygen to heal the body. Breathing in high levels of oxygen can have a number of positive effects including treating decompression sickness, improving healing for serious infections, ridding air bubbles from blood vessels, and repairing wounds at a faster rate. 


Casey Diskin tells us that in order for the body to heal tissues, it requires a steady supply of oxygen delivered through the bloodstream. In hyperbaric oxygen therapy, oxygen levels are increased to help carry more healing agents to an injury site, expediting wound healing for patients around the world. 


Through her work, Diskin has demonstrated how hyperbaric oxygen therapy can also alleviate an issue at the core of any autism diagnosis: by reducing inflammation in the brain, she explains that the therapy helps children suffering from autism learn new skills faster and reach new levels of personal growth. While the therapy is mainly used today to expedite healing for a range of physical conditions and injuries, using it to treat brain injuries and disabilities like autism is still a relatively new practice.


“Our novel program is a multi-therapy approach to treating autism,” says Casey Diskin. “We believe in creating a synergistic approach that allows us to treat the medical issues of our clients while simultaneously teaching functional, socially significant life skills. Medically, there is evidence that individuals with autism have inflammation in the brain, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy addresses the issue.”