Bennett Velasquez’s Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Trip to the British Virgin Islands

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Bennett Velasquez Bennett Velasquez

Tucked away just east of Puerto Rico in the east Caribbean Sea lies the British Virgin Islands consisting of some of nature’s most unspoiled islands in the world. This archipelago encompasses four large islands, the largest of which is Tortola, as well as numerous smaller isles, each one unique and beautiful as the next. Here, Bennett Gramm Velasquez talks about some of the reasons you’ll want to visit here.

“The official name of the territory is simply the “Virgin Islands,” Bennett Velasquez says, “but tourists still call it the British Virgin Islands. Long known as the sailing center of the world, the islands offer powdery white sandy beaches and the clear turquoise waters typical of the beautiful Caribbean Sea, he adds.

“Only about 16 of the islands are inhabited,” Bennett Velasquez says. The main island is Tortola which is also their capital with the other primary islands Virgin Gorda, Anegada, and Jost Van Dyke. Cruise ship tourists make up much of the tourism here, but Bennett Velasquez says you can also get here by plane or ferry from nearby St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Antigua or Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from the United States, he says, but that doesn’t seem to stop tourists from visiting the area. Only a passport is needed, Bennett Velasquez says, which lets you visit up to 30 days.

The islands here are like a little piece of paradise, according to Bennett Velasquez. The tropical rainforest climate and Caribbean culture make it a popular wedding venue for people all over the world. “Plus, there’s so much to do,” he adds, “from hiking trips up the lush green mountain on Tortola to cavernous diving sites and snorkeling.” Bennett Velasquez says water sports are popular here, and sailing is by far the primary water sport, but you’ll also find some of the world’s most beautiful lagoons and reefs to explore.

The area is rich in history as well, with museums and ruins dating back hundreds of years, Bennett Velasquez says. To get around, you can hire a regular taxi or even a water taxi if you want to visit some of the surrounding islands. “There are a ton of charter boats here too,” he says, if you want to go island hopping. Or if you’re just interested in the land-based activities like zip lining or horseback riding, you can rent a car as long as you have a valid driver’s license from your home country, Bennett Velasquez says. Or you might decide to take an open-air safari bus or an air-conditioned bus to some of the area’s finest dining or even the botanical gardens.

Whether you’re just interested in all-day activities or just walking barefoot on the sandy beaches, Bennett Gramm Veslasquez says the British Virgin Islands is an ideal sun-filled vacation destination you won’t want to miss.