Bennett Velasquez’s Top Things to Know Before Visiting Monaco

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Bennett Velasquez Bennett Velasquez

While Monaco has a population of only 38,695 and expands across 499 acres, this luxurious country has a lot to offer visitors. Monaco is a sovereign city, state, and country located on the French Riviera and borders France. Travelers visit Monaco due to its decadence, casinos, and Mediterranean atmosphere. Bennett Velasquez loved his experience in Monaco, and he shares the top things to consider before visiting.

Tipping Culture is Different

For those visiting from the United States, the tipping culture in Monaco can be a bit of a shocker, explained Bennett Velasquez. While in many countries, tipping is custom, visitors shouldn’t feel obligated to do it in Monaco. When it comes to most services such as hotel service, the service fee is included in the bill. Those who feel like leaving a little extra for their server are certainly allowed to do so, explained Bennett Velasquez.

Beware of Visiting During the Grand Prix

Unless visitors want to attend the Grand Prix, Bennett Velasquez recommends they stay away during this time. Not only will travelers face more massive crowds, but the main roads will be closed off in preparation for the race.

Monaco is Not a Budget Destination

While it’s possible to visit many places on a budget, Bennett Velasquez points out that Monaco is not that type of destination. Even by European standards, visitors to Monaco will pay a lot more for meals and accommodations. There are a few things to do for free, but for the most part, people travel to Monaco for a decadent experience, says Bennett Velasquez.

Be Prepared to Fight the Crowds

As we mentioned before, Monaco is a small country, and it’s densely populated for its size. With a population of 38k plus tourists, there can be a lot of people at once. Bennett Velasquez recommends those travelers who are not a fan of big crowds to visit during the off-season.

Put on Walking Shoes

As a country that sits on two square kilometers, there’s no need to travel long distances. Bennett mentions that visitors to Monaco should be prepared to do a lot of walking. Besides walking, the only other way to get around Monaco is by city bus or taxi, and taxis are quite expensive. Even though walking can get challenging due to the hilly terrain, it’s the best way to enjoy what this city has to offer, Bennett Velasquez adds.

Bennett Velasquez is a young traveler who has visited England, Italy, Spain, Monaco, Colorado, France, Hawaii, and many other places. He hopes to inspire others to travel the world.