Best Places to Visit in Venezuela According to Jorge Plaza Marquez

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Best Places to Visit in Venezuela According to Jorge Plaza Marquez Best Places to Visit in Venezuela According to Jorge Plaza Marquez

As the third-generation owner of Servimeca Sand Control, Jorge Plaza Marquez spends a great deal of time traveling between Colombia and Venezuela. To Jorge, these are some of the most beautiful countries in the world. For those who are curious about going to Venezuela, Jorge Plaza Marquez has a few recommendations.

Angel Falls
As part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Angel Falls is a sight that no visitor to Venezuela should skip, according to Jorge Plaza Marquez. Since it’s the highest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls are 3230 feet tall, with a drop of 2647 feet. The fall is in a remote area of the Canaima National Park, and it’s the perfect place for those who want to make the trek. Once they reach the falls, they can cool off in the lagoon or natural pools that surround the falls.

The town of Coro is another UNESCO World Heritage Site. According to Jorge Plaza Marquez, people love to visit the village of Coro due to the impressive colonial architecture. While in Coro, visitors like to take a tour of the historic mansions of Zamora, visit the museums, and stop by the cathedral. If anyone wants to visit Coro, Jorge Plaza Marquez recommends visiting the dunes in Parque Nacional Médanos de Coro or the Península de Paraguaná.

Los Roques National Park
According to Jorge Plaza Marquez, the moment someone visits Los Roques National Park, they think it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth. There are over 1,000 keys in Los Roques National Park, each one with different landscapes. Visitors can enjoy crystal blue waters, mangrove swamps, still water bays, coastal barrier lagoons, and white sand beaches.

Ciudad Bolivar
If you want to read about the history of Venezuela, there’s no better place to do so than the historic Ciudad Bolivar, according to Jorge Plaza Marquez. Ciudad Bolivar is significant because that is the place where Simon Boliver set up his military base and where he started his final campaign in the war for independence. Visitors to Ciudad Bolivar can enjoy the rich history as well as the colorful colonial architecture.

Henri Pittier
For those who enjoy nature, Jorge Plaza Marquez recommends a visit to Henri Pittier. Named after Henri Pittier, who arrived in Venezuela in the 20thcentury, this is Venezuela’s oldest national park. Visitors to the park can enjoy the beaches, bays, mountains, and spotting over 500 species of birds.

Founded in 1958, Servimeca produces elite, top-notch products to filter the sand out of oil. Jorge Plaza Marquez has served as president of Servimeca since 1998.