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DG Contracting LLC Liberty Lake Best Roofing Safety Equipment DG Contracting LLC Liberty Lake Best Roofing Safety Equipment

Roofing work and be dangerous at the best of times. We spoke DG Contracting LLC Liberty Lake about the best safety equipment available.

DG Contracting LLC Liberty Lake WA
DG Contracting LLC Liberty Lake WA

Roofing is not only a tough competitive business with many overheads and costs to account for, but it’s also a very labor intensive process that requires the right tools to complete jobs safely and effectively. Without the correct equipment, your crews will be slowed down to a crawl and be unable to take your roofing business to the next level. Worse still, the wrong equipment could be a safety hazard that could end up costing your business more than just money. With that in mind, we spoke to DG Contracting LLC Liberty Lake in order to find out what should be on your wishlist when you’re in the market for the best and safest roofing equipment.


If you’ve ever had to scale a roof then you understand how important fall protection is. Not only to actually protect you from falling but to also offer you a sense of security to enable to get the job done competently and without fear. According to the guys at DG Contracting LLC Liberty Lake, the Hipplock is a godsend when it comes to fall protection. The device enables you to anchor to the ridge of the roof without any ropes to support a person with a weight of up to 300 lbs. The Hipplock is easy to move from place to place to reach all areas of a roof. It allows you to move quickly and safely around a roof in order to get the job done.

Equipter 4000

When it comes to clearing roofs of debris and reaching high areas with the maximum amount of safety, there’s no substitute for the Equipter 4000. Equipped with a 13 horsepower Honda Engine, the Equipter is a debris management system that allows you to raise and lower a bed up to 12 feet to easily access a customer’s roof. It’s ideal for lifting heavy equipment as well as containing and then dumping any roofing debris you might have to move. According to the guys at DG Contracting LLC Liberty Lake, it’s the ideal solution for all types of heavy duty roofing work.

Roofing Harness

According to DG Contracting LLC Liberty Lake a roofing harness a standard piece of kit which every roofer should have. It allows roofers to conduct work safely while carrying all necessary tools with them, and should absolutely be a prerequisite before any roofing work is conducted.