Bible Facts that Every Christian Should Know with Patrick Sassnet

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Think you know everything about the Bible? Patrick Sasnett has these facts to share.

The Bible is a wonderful time. Carefully crafted, edited, revised and rewritten over more than 1500 years, the Book is an invaluable resource for wisdom and moral guidance that has constantly been refreshed by some of the greatest and most devout followers of God throughout the years. The Bible holds within it universal truths that can be revealed through careful study and interpretation. And while everyone should read their Bible daily, it’s easy to miss or even forget some of the most basic Biblical truths and get distracted by everyday life. For that reason we’ve teamed up with Patrick Sassnet, a youth pastor, to discuss some Bible facts that every Christian should be aware of.

The Bible is Old

As discussed above, the Bible was penned over a 1500 year period. While the first and oldest chapters were written by Moses, the Bible would go on to have over 40 different authors. According to Patrick Sasnett, the reason for this is that it took that long for God to reveal his Word. The time it took to write the Bible is actually proof of how amazing it really is; considering that the underlying message of God’s love for humanity is so pertinent and consistent.

The Shortest Book in the Bible is Only 219 Words Long

While the Bible itself is a massive book in and of itself, the smallest composite book within it is only a mere 219 words long. It’s 3 John, and if you’re a fast reader you’ll be able to complete it in under a minute. According to Patrick Sasnett, the book directly before it – 2 John – is the second shortest book in the bible, clocking in at 245 words.

The Bible was Written By a Diverse Group of People

Many people believe that the Bible was simply written by poor and humble followers of Christ; that’s not true. The occupations of the writers of the Bible were numerous and varied. Kings, fishermen, homeless prophets, doctors, a scribe and many other vocations were the voices behind what would eventually go on to become the Holy Word of God. According to Patrick Sasnett, the Bible is, in effect, one of the most diverse texts ever created!