Billy Baugham Discusses 4 Trends in Aerospace for 2019

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Billy Baugham Discusses Trends in Aerospace for Billy Baugham Discusses Trends in Aerospace for

Billy Baugham has over 25 years of experience in the aerospace and customer service industries. Thanks to his expertise, he has been able to help companies in areas such as maximizing operational impact, lean methodologies, and regulatory compliance. His work has led him to work with countries such as Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan, and Italy. Despite his experience in many sectors, Billy Baugham is most proud of the work he has done for the aerospace industry. He has worked with Honeywell Aerospace, U.S. Airways, and Safety Services Company. Billy Baugham shares the top trends in aerospace of 2019.

Cost Reduction Through Electric and Hybrid Engines

According to Billy Baugham, one of the biggest trends in aerospace is the need to cut back on emissions and overall costs. More and more aerospace experts want to focus on ways to preserve the environment through more eco-friendly options. They hope to achieve a more eco-friendly aircraft that consumes less fuel, releases fewer emissions, and exceeds performance expectations. To achieve these goals, aerospace experts are looking at hybrid engines and fuels.

Autonomous Flight Systems

Billy Baughman mentions that autonomous flight systems have been in the minds of those working in the aerospace industry for decades. Many aerospace engineers are working on developing enhanced technology specifically focused on helping autonomous drones and space vehicles to operate at even higher performance thresholds.

Expansion of MRO

Billy Baugham explains that aerospace technicians will place more emphasis on the MRO market. Because many airlines go over budget due to unplanned repairs and down-time, the aerospace industry will focus more on applying enhanced preventative maintenance. As new technology and data develops, operators will be able to better understand and predict how the systems of each aircraft operate most effectively. This, in turn, will significantly improve operating margins.

Consolidation of Aerospace Parts

A trend that is sure to revolutionize the aerospace industry, according to Billy Baugham, is the consolidation and streamlining of aircraft parts manufacturing. By consolidating parts into fewer pieces and using printing technology, engineers plan to make safer and lighter parts. This will cut down on assembly costs, manufacturing time and component weight. The production of consolidated parts will also make the supply chain more effective,

Aside from his extensive experience in aerospace, Billy Baugham has also led and presented discussions in front of Fortune 100 companies. He has also developed proposals for companies valued at more than $30 million, and enjoys volunteering and giving back to his community.