Billy Baugham Encourages Professionals to get Six Sigma Green Belt, Professional Certification For Process Improvement

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Billy Baugham Six Sigma Green Belt Billy Baugham Six Sigma Green Belt
Billy BaughamFor over 25 years, Billy Baugham has proven success in guiding business strategy, using lean methodologies to achieve regulatory compliance, and maximizing operational impact. Mr. Baugham has established training programs, project development, and third-party engagement. Billy Baugham sheds light on Six Sigma Green Belt certification and how it advances departments, companies, and professionals.

“Six Sigma Greenbelt is a set of core elements and procedures to help organizations and projects run smoothly, efficiently, and at the highest level. Six Sigma was first developed and introduced by two engineers at Motorola in 1986. Today the coveted certification helps countless organizations save millions of dollars, reach and exceed goals in IT, medical, financial, chemical, manufacturing, aviation, telecom, and many more industries using the proven-approach to success. It identifies individuals as superior quality experts.” Billy Baugham explained.

“Six Sigma using a systematic methodology to identify core issues and problems, and to implement solid solutions to rectify numerous challenges on a regular basis.” Billy Baugham continued, “There are five main steps of the Six Sigma concept; these are: define, measure, analyze, improve, and control. Over the years a few more have been added, these include recognize, standardize, and integrate. Once these steps are learned, and one becomes an expert in problem-solving, companies across multiple industries can benefit from the method.”

The processes are implemented procedures that are continuously weighed and evaluated, as well as tweaked or amended to make things run on a more efficient level. Six Sigma is a driven process that bases projects on performance levels to monitor solutions of individual team members, departments, and organization as a whole. The responsibilities that contribute to the project, improve the performance of the undertakings. This is how Green Belts improve processes regularly and at the highest level.

Being a team player is critical to the Six Sigma application. They help to bridge the gap between the Six Sigma theory and real-world functioning. Six Sigma Green Belt professionals offer a crucial role in cultivating data scrutiny, processes, and management.

Billy Baugham has been a thought leader in the aerospace and customer service industries for over 20 years. He has presented and led critical discussions in over a dozen conferences for a Fortune 100 company. As a customer support engineering leader, he worked directly with Bell Helicopter and the US Army to develop a suite of technical publications for a new turbine-powered helicopter. Further, he developed depot proposals valued at more than $30 million.